Our Objectives

Welcome to the CarCaptain Driving Test Tips video tutorial and tips page, the main objectives of this page are broken down into 3 steps:

Step 1:

To provide useful information in the form of tips and video tutorials to driving students, to help them with their driving test preparation. To give them in depth and proper learning procedures to get them comfortable in all areas of driving, from basic control to maneuvers.

Step 2:

To open up an interactive platform for the students where they can comment and rate our videos and posts, to give us feedback on where we can improve, or what videos really helped them. This will then ensure we are in touch with the students and providing the most help in their journey to passing their test.

Step 3:

To receive suggestions and referrals from students of other helpful and effective videos on youtube or on the internet, to update our library with the BEST resources and tuition around!

This website basically boils down to helping YOU as a learner driver to learn the how to’s of all aspects of driving, building your understanding and allowing you to practice in your lessons with confidence!

So make sure to get browsing, commenting and rating!! We want to hear from you.