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You can check and or Book your driving Test at the DSA Site for FREE. We will Register the booked Driving Test with the DSA where you can check when we have confirmed your Test*.

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Please note we are not part of the DSA nor are we affiliated in any way with the DSA. You can book your own driving test at the DSA website; Just follow this link;

We only use driving instructors that have been approved by the DSA.

Carcaptain driving instructors cover the following DSA Test Centres -

All the test centres within the M25 and then some;

Hither Green
Mill Hill
South Norwood
West Wickham
Wood Green

Test Centres we can do:

Herne Bay
High Wycombe
St Albans

The driving exam, or practical driving test as it is referred to by the DSA can be a daunting experience at the best of times. In questioning many drivers who have held there licenses for some time they will all tell you that the one exam or test that remains in their minds the longest was their practical driving test. Subconsciously it is so important to pass your driving test that this places untold pressure on the student. And probably the biggest route cause of why people fail their driving test is because of their nerves. Subconsciously this is your ticket to freedom and it does open many doors for you, work opportunities, travel and overseas exploration opportunities. In this modern day and age having a driving licence can be extremely liberating. It is this subconscious knowledge that places so much pressure on the young learner driver at the time of his or her practical driving test.

It is not uncommon that we go through our whole school life without experiencing a practical exam of this nature and magnitude. This in itself is hair raising. We offer the opportunity for you to sit multiple mock driving tests to hone your skills and prepare you for the road that lies ahead. One of the best ways to combat the nervousness you will experience on the day of your practical driving test is to be properly prepared and have a thorough knowledge of the ability and skills that are required to be able to pass the practical driving test.

We also realize above all else you must still be a safe and competent driver who has not only passed his test but that you are also adequately prepared for safe driving for life.

Caraptian and the DSA* .

Please note we are not part of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) nor are we affiliated to the DSA. Carcaptain driving instructors are Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) who are registered with the DSA and comply to the requirements as set out by the DSA from time to time. The DSA manages the register for ADI's and all aspects relating to practical driving tests. The DSA also carries out the tests for Approved Driving Instructors and does periodically request full CRB checks and check tests on ADI's. Please note that you can manually check for driving tests and make changes to your driving test date appointment at the DSA website, this is a free service offered by the DSA. DSA website Link.

Below are extracts from the DSA's Safe Driving for Life Booklets.

These are available in detail at: Safe Driving for Life.

How to find a much earlier Test date quickly and easily.

At Carcaptain driving schools we specialise, and work very hard, so that we can find cancellation tests for our clients. Currently the DSA website for practical driving tests is booked up at some centres for periods in excess of three months. We have dedicated and specialised staff who's prime duty is to find driving test cancellation date for the individual clients.

Our driving test cancellation checker team monitors by use of very specialised internal database software the Internet continually for driving test cancellation's. Carcaptain intensive driving schools will at any one time have up to 12 staff monitoring the Internet to find driving test cancellations for the students registered with us. Apart from this we also have a very large database of students, instructors, driving schools and liaison personnel who are informing us of driving tests which are being cancelled by their students because they are not yet ready for the test. This enables us, by making use of our internal database, to match up the registered students to possible cancellation is which caused as a result of the foregoing situation. There are times when the driving standards agency makes available online practical driving tests as a result of new staff or additional staff in specific driving test centres. It is imperative at those times that we have somebody available to book the driving test for a learner driver who has requested the test on his behalf through Carcaptain driving schools.

Cancellation checker driving test software has to be continually monitored so that the driving test cancellation checker can allocate the cancelled driving test when it comes available. Our highly trained staff are continually monitoring for driving tests cancellation's on the official DSA website. Because of the high demand for practical driving tests it is not possible to let slip a driving test cancellation. Normally, we find, that the driving test cancellation slots are only available for a very short period of time after the driving test cancellation has taken place.

It is not practical for most people to sit around a computer and monitor the DSA practical driving test site for driving test cancellation's. Therefore, we have to employ and maintain specialised personnel who will carry out this arduous task of checking for a driving test cancellation to book the practical driving test at a much earlier date than can normally be found on the DSA website's. Our specialised team have been appointed to monitor the DSA website and are continually checking for driving test cancellations on the driving test DSA website. When our team come across an available test, they will immediately refer to our internal database to determine if we have a specific student who requires a practical driving test which has come up as a cancellation.

How to book a cancellation driving test? Firstly, do not book yourself a driving test at any available time at the driving test centre where you wish to take your practical driving test. if you have booked yourself a practical driving test, at the test centre of your choice, and then wish us to move this driving test to an earlier date, it is extremely difficult for us to work with this booked driving test within our administrative system. We prefer to do all the work, namely to book the driving test ourselves on your behalf, at the time that we find a cancellation which suits your requirements. If you have already booked a driving test with the driving standards agency this may cause problems for us internally. Therefore the easiest way for you to be able to find an earlier or FastTrack driving test is to call us so that we can find you an appropriate driving test cancellation slot in accordance with your requirements.

How to get a cancellation driving test? You can simply book in with our dedicated staff and give them all your details, they will then book in a cancellation driving test for yourself.

Do you have a driving test cancellation list? The simple answer to this is yes we do have a driving test cancellation list, this comes about as a result of the extensive list of students, who may not be ready to take the test allocated, or driving instructors who may not be available for the test which has been booked for the student, driving schools who have the wrong test for the students, students who have a change in their schedule and are no longer able to take the test allocated. We are continually in the process of canceling tests and moving tests for our students. As a result of this we can normally cater for a large number of our clients with cancelled driving tests that are on our cancellation driving test lists.

Do you use driving test checker software? NO, we manually check the driving standards agency website for cancellations. We still have to liaise with the driving instructor for his availability, and with the client to see if the found driving test cancellation suits their diaries. It would be completely pointless to book a cancelled driving test, on behalf of our client and driving instructor if either of them were unable to attend the practical driving test. It is therefore imperative that when one is working with so many variables that there be staff intervention to make the necessary decisions. Doing the driving test cancellation manually also enables us to be able to continually monitor, the test that come available through driving test cancellations, our own internal database of students which required tests.

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