Try AA intensive driving course to fast track the learning

Got thirst for road heat and have no license? Why worry! Get quenched at Car Captain.

We can train you to take over the road with the excellence in less than 14 days


Getting a driving license is an important milestone of life for anyone who craves independence. CarCaptain is an AAA approved driving school. We strive on training driving skills to augment our competence since 2006. We have developed professional driving lessons covering all age groups. We embark on personalised time slots of your convenience at a reasonable price.

Our business:

Keeping your specific needs in consideration, we strive to make your learning experience better. Our specialised driving course is followed by a unique feature of having a fast track driving test booking service. We are unrivaled in our services and don’t make you wait for 3 to 4 months for a driving test. Our intention is to provide our clients absolute peace of mind with value! Each of our staff members adheres to this core goal of yours.

Expertise of highly AA driving instructors:

Having hired highly qualified and experienced AA driving instructors, we offer our clients competitive AA intensive driving courses at the competitive prices. Being deft and efficient in their expertise, they have all that takes to get the students test ready. Moreover, a number of our students have been through their guaranteed pass course and test within just a week. You just need to trust our instincts and we will do our best to have you pass your driving test in less than 14 days.

Our flexibility sets us apart

We are famed for our flexibility. After closely listening to our clients’ requirements, we tailor a service to suit their individual needs. In this way we make sure the learning achieved at the ideal pace. Our intensive course is a quick and easy way for you to pass your driving test. Our aim is to ensure ultimate convenience for our clients. That’s why we offer them residential driving courses as well as both manual and automatic driving lessons.


The range of topics our intensive course covers include

  • Controls
  • Stopping
  • Moving away
  • Turning right
  • Turning left
  • Hill starts
  • Crossroad’s
  • T junctions

At the end of the course, we make sure you are deft in all the major skills and need no help from your instructor anymore. We make sure you are able to move away under control, can carry out simple left & right turns, are able Deal to with simple T junctions safely and can control the car at slow speeds. Our obligation is to ensure safer driving experience for everyone. That’s why we go above and beyond to make you a responsible citizen on the road.