Carcaptain has been doing intensive driving courses for London and Greater London for more than 12 years. When Carcaptain started doing Fast-Track intensive driving courses in 2006 it was unheard of the industry that you could get your licence after 5 days of doing an intensive driving course. Right from the get-go Carcaptain had to develop the necessary databases and backup systems to keep a watchful eye on the bespoke courses designed for each of its students.

Best intensive driving course London

Carcaptain has been the best intensive driving course school in the London and greater London area. A simple look at our reviews here will convince even the most sceptical person that carcaptain has the capacity and ability to deliver a bespoke intensive driving course designed to the student’s requirements and availability.

We at Carcaptain have proven over and over that we are the “Best Intensive Driving Course London” school. Our courses are designed to the exact requirements of the student. The intensive driving course offered by Carcaptain is bespoke matching up and providing exactly what the student needs to pass their test and in accordance with their schedule and the availability of the instructor closest to their location.

We will always try to do the intensive driving course you need in the nearest test centre area to you.

Key to getting the “Best Intensive Driving Course in London” has 3 specific elements to it.

The difference between booking a driving lesson and a driving course.

There is a vast difference between booking “driving lessons” and booking a “driving course”.

When booking a driving lesson the individual student is going to get driving lessons. Driving lessons are devoid of all the actual actions and planning that are necessary to get your driving licence. There is a very specific and real procedure to getting your driving licence. Unfortunately, the individual student (which includes their immediate family and social peer group) are not experts at the theory test, finding the theory test, the best way to learn for the theory test and similarly do not have a large database of driving instructors. It is expensive to get your driving licence in the United Kingdom. Just recently an article was published in which it was communicated that the United Kingdom is the 5th most expensive place in the world to get your driving licence.

When it comes to teenagers activities, or even for that matter grown-ups activities, 1 of the most dangerous things we do is driving. A driving accident is quite capable of rendering you incapacitated or dead. That will kind of put a serious spanner in the works. Measuring the cost of getting the licence against the potential risk if you are badly trained is in truth immaterial.

There are many driving instructors out there that will sell you driving lessons. There are many driving schools out there that will sell you driving lessons. If you go hunting for a driving lesson you are going to get a driving lesson. The sad thing about this is that the driving instructor is mainly interested in giving you as many driving lessons as he possibly can. There is no objective learning process apart from the individual lessons.

The most cost effective way of getting your driving licence.

  1. The most cost-effective way of getting your driving licence is to consult an organisation like Carcaptain which has an objective learning and course procedure which looks at all the aspects of which you need specifically designed to your bespoke problems.

It is important therefore, and obviously cost-effective and time efficient to consult a company which has at its core the prime objective to assess the student in getting their driving licence in the most cost-effective and time-efficient process possible.

Many students come to us after they themselves have been trying to get their driving licences without any success. A typical comment when someone approaches us for a driving licence is “I am fed up of trying to get my licence I want to get it finished as soon as possible can you help?”. What we do is question the individual student (client) to find out what they need to now complete their driving licence. Often, this may include an evaluation (assessment) of their driving ability to know where they are in the practical learning process.

Our client managers will take down all the details which include where they are with their theory tests and how we can assist them by possibly doing one-on-one theory tuition.

Our most successful students are those that phone us when they start thinking about getting their driving licence. Carcaptain are experts at plotting and planning with the student how and what is the best process for them from a provisional licence to driving licence pass. It really makes so much sense for somebody who has decided to embark on getting their licence to come to us from the get-go. Why struggle at trying to find the right theory course material, wasting your time trying to navigate the DVLA theory test booking service, finding a reputable and good driving instructor and or trying to book a suitable driving test when all of this is available in the form of a preplanned driving course.

You the student may think you can do it cheaper. I don’t deny you might spend less money getting your licence but in the end the chances are you are going to end up paying much more than what you should. Let alone the amount of time you are going to waste trying to navigate your way through the DVLA websites and booking services.

Carcaptain’s client managers are the best in the industry. Every student who communicates either by email text or phone with us gets his own personal client manager. These client managers do nothing else than consult and help the students to navigate getting their driving licences in the shortest and most expedient way possible. With no compromise for safety.

How is the “Best intensive Driving Course in London”

The Client Manager.

The client managers first objective is to get a complete breakdown and overview of where the student is in the process of learning to drive. Further, the availability and schedule of the student’s diary will form part of the planning process to get the student their licence in the most efficient and effective way possible.

How quickly can I get my Driving Licence? The answer is here.

Stage two of this process is to match the student up with a suitably qualified driving instructor who is available during the appropriate times required by the student and making sure it is the most convenient area for the student to be able to do their driving test.

Carcaptain’s client manager will in liaison with the student then plan the required scheduled actions that will get the student the appropriate abilities and qualifications to be able to do the driving test.

Carcaptain’s vast experience, which included in excess of 17,000 students, must play a significant role in easing and assisting the student to get their driving licence as quickly as possible.

No doubt, without any hesitation doing an intensive driving course in this manner must be the “Best Intensive Driving Course London”.

Get this done now in the shortest simplest and quickest way possible.

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We have done many “5 day intensive driving courses” over. There are unfortunately driving schools that call themselves intensive course specialists but they do not have the backup available to support the student through the whole learning process.

Get a bespoke intensive driving course and you will benefit from having done your driving licence in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible.

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