A brand new driver

  A BRAND NEW DRIVER Hither Green, 10th February Lily was a brand new driver and we booked her in for a manual intensive course. She booked her own theory test and started her lessons with Theepa. As her confidence grew she became more relaxed and started

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Such a humble and positive artist

SUCH A HUMBLE AND POSITIVE ARTIST Hendon, 6th February Rhys contacted Carcaptain to arrange an intensive course to start when he was back from holiday. Rhys is busy recording a new album and needed to make sure he can work around this and his lessons. Agron booked

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Hard work pays off

HARD WORK PAYS OFF Morden, 2nd February Working as a chef, Henry juggled driving lessons and worked long hours! Henry knuckled down, arranged his lessons leading up to his test day.  Instructor Asad had Henry test ready! Well done with your pass Henry, Asad! Click here to

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Well done Joanna, first time pass

WELL DONE JOANNA, FIRST TIME PASS 25th January Joanna was allocated to instructor Chris and she passed first time on the 25th of January. Read more about driving instructor Chris’s success stories, click here… To sign up for an Intensive Driving Course click here. We hope you have

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First time pass for George

FIRST TIME PASS FOR GEORGE 31st January George passed first time with instructor Chris on the 31st of January.  Well done George and Chris. Read more about driving instructor Chris’s success stories, click here… To sign up for an Intensive Driving Course click here. We hope you have

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The natural outcome for a go-getter

THE NATURAL OUTCOME FOR A GO-GETTER Goodmayes, 29th January KH, business owner, and intrapreneur called Carcaptain on 18 December.  A complete beginner, she had her licence end goal by the end of January. KH was willing to travel for her lessons. Instructor Jusna met KH at Whitechapel

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All went according to plan!

ALL WENT ACCORDING TO PLAN Hither Green, 16th December Albert had an assessment lesson mid-November after which instructor Theepa and Albert planned his course.  We then booked Albert’s theory test.  He’s lessons were scheduled to start on 9 December and the test booked for 16 December at

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Great work Ryan

GREAT WORK RYAN Chingford, 22nd January An experienced driver, Ryan just required a very basic brush up.  He called Carcaptain on 17 January and was fortunate enough to be offered a test immediately for 20 January.  Instructor Chris completed Ryan’s brush up lessons and he passed. Great

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Enjoy your holiday Joshua

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY JOSHUA Morden, 16th January  On the verge of holidaying in New Zealand, Joshua wanted to get his licence before he went.  Instructor Shamim worked with Joshua to get him test ready. Carcaptain booked Joshua’s theory test and concluded with his practical test.  Well done

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Such a good positive attitude

SUCH A GOOD POSITIVE ATTITUDE Mill Hill, 8th January Benedict contacted Carcaptain to arrange a course for when he is back in the UK. We have arranged his theory test that he passed first time. We then allocated him to the amazing Agron to do an 11-hour

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