What a way to start the year!

WHAT A WAY TO START THE YEAR! Morden, 7th January  Thomas arranged his course to start when he is back in the UK. He started his 13-hour course on 2 January and we had his practical test booked for 7 January in Morden. Sayeed helped him to

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Kausala, test ready within 10 days!

KAUSALA, TEST READY WITHIN 10 DAYS Mitchem, 18th December Kausala called Carcaptain wanting to do her practical asap. We booked her in with instructor Larkland and asked him to get Kausala test ready within 10 days.  Well done Larkland and Kausala. Read more about driving instructor Larkland’s

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One more tik on Pauls’ bucket list

ONE MORE TIK ON PAULS’ BUCKET LIST Hither Green, 27th December  Paul booked his own theory test but wanted his course arranged after he had passed his theory test. Taking his practical test by 31 December was on Pauls’ bucket list.  Instructor Mahmoud said he would get

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Super motivated Aidan

SUPER MOTIVATED AIDAN Loughton, 13th December Aidan required a thorough brush up to get him test ready.  Super motivated, he had his Merc already secured. Instructor Chris completed Aidan’s brush up lessons.  Aidan passed in Loughton, 1 minor mistake! Safe driving Aiden Click here to see Aidan’s

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A car for Christmas Jassy?

A CAR FOR CHRISTMAS JASSY? Wanstead, 13th December Jassy required a thorough brush up to get her test ready for a test booked at Wanstead. Instructor Chris B undertook to get her ready. Chris collected her from home, completed her lessons and dropped her at her workplace.

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Stella celebrating her pass!

STELLA CELEBRATING HER PASS! Hither Green, 11th December Stella worked all hours Monday to Friday and only had weekends available for her course.  Stella’s course was meticulously planned, Her lessons were over two weekends prior to the test date.  Her test was on 11 December.  Instructor Bala

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You did it Zach!

YOU DID IT ZACH! Hither Green, 7th December Zach was allocated to instructor Mahmoud.  Mahmoud had to work around Zach’s working times to get him test ready.  Zach passed on his second attempt on the 7th of December. Well done Zach Read more about driving instructor Mahmoud’s

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A very very happy client

A VERY VERY HAPPY CLIENT Hither Green, 2nd December Devanté did about 10 hours of lessons previously so we booked him in for a 23 hour automatic course.  We booked his theory test and arranged his lessons with one of the best instructors in London -Bala. After

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One happy family

ONE HAPPY FAMILY Hither Green, 10 December Teresa’s brother has booked his course with Carcaptain and she also wanted to start her course. We booked her theory test and aided her with learning materials and she passed the theory on her first attempt. She requested Bala to

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Guess who has a car on their Christmas Wish List

GUESS WHO HAS A CAR ON THEIR CHRISTMAS WISH LIST Hither Green Chioma’s husband taught her to drive, doing an excellent job.  Chioma contacted Carcaptain for the technical brush up, aligning her driving with what the examines expect.  Instructor Bala did the honors, getting Chioma test ready.

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