Hard work paid off

HARD WORK PAID OFF Borehamwood, 12th November Sam started his driving lessons with instructor Hallam. Sam had his lessons arranged in terms of his work rota. He worked hard and did very well, first time pass!  Well done Sam, Instructor Hallam Read more about driving instructor Hallam’s

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Tom’s dedication paid off

TOM’S DEDICATION PAID OFF Loughton, 11th November Tom has been doing his lessons with Instructor Ken.  It has been over a period as Tom only had weekends available and he traveled with work as well.  Tom’s dedication paid off, he walked away with his licence on Saturday!

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First time pass for Rebekah

FIRST TIME PASS FOR REBEKAH Morden, 8th November Rebekah contacted Carcaptain on the 23rd of October.  She had lessons 3 years ago but stopped when she moved house.  Instructor Shamim undertook to get Rebekah test ready. Rebekah started her lessons on 23 October, passed on 8 November. 

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You got it Gabby

YOU GOT IT GABBY Isleworth, 8th November Gabby had lessons 9 years ago, but stopped.  He decided it was time to get it done. Instructor Daisy undertook to get him test ready and she did.  Gabby, farewell to public transport! Well done! Read more about driving instructor

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A perfect match

A PERFECT MATCH Morden, 1st November William had been driving since he was 15. He converted his Dutch licence to American licence. An American licence cannot be converted the UK, hence Will had to retake his licence.  Will called Carcaptain on Friday 25th October and was offered

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Can’t go wrong here

CAN’T GO WRONG HERE Croydon Test Centre, 1st November Mark called in wanting an intensive course as he had failed previously with another company, we got Larkland to do the course for Mark in the time that Mark had between his work hours.  Well done Mark and

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Ruiduo passed in just 5 days!

RUIDUO PASSED IN JUST 5 DAYS Hither Green, 1 November Ruiduo called in and booked a course wanting to start his course on the 28 of October and wanted to be done in 1 week.  Bala started the course on the 28 October and the test was

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Margaret got her UK licence

MARGARET GOT HER UK LICENCE Hendon, 31 August Margaret has been driving for years back in the states. After moving to London she decided public transport is not for her and she wanted to have her UK licence ASAP. We have booked her in for a 15-hour

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Well done Kairi

WELL DONE KAIRI Chingford, 29th October Kairi had been allocated to instructor Ren for a basic brush up with a practical driving test. Well done with your pass Kairi, it has been expected! To sign up for an Intensive Driving Course click here. We hope you have

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Natalie passed on her first attempt

NATALIE PASSED ON HER FIRST ATTEMPT Loughton, 28th October Natalie had a specific period she available for her test.  Carcaptain booked a test at Loughton as per her requirements, moving the test to the perfect time.  Natalie passed on her first attempt, 2 minors mistakes only. Well

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