HAPPY BREXIT – Did you know?

HAPPY BREXIT – Did you know? BREXIT Gift ~ Advanced Driving Course Video Series Congratulations on all and sundry in the United Kingdom. The future of this great country is now very much in all our hands. This advanced video course is our gift to everyone trying

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The Invisible Zebra Crossing

The Invisible Zebra Crossing Read all about Zebra crossings here: Full Tutorial on Zebra Crossings: https://www.carcaptain.com/invisible-zebra-crossing/    

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Get Your Theory Test OUT OF THE WAY

Book Your Theory Lessons & Test NOW! Passing your theory has never been this easy! We know, you have heard that before! Except we really mean it. Because WE GET IT! You study and study and study, and then you fail. OR you don’t understand what it

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Free Intensive Driving Course Christmas 2019 Rollover

Free Intensive Driving Course Christmas 2019 Rollover Why Rollover the Christmas 2019 competition? During this last quarter, as we approached the Christmas deadline for the closing of the competition on the evening of 24 December, there were still numerous affiliate’s who had not had the opportunity to

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FREE Intensive Driving Course – Competition History

FREE Intensive Driving Course – Competition History SEE OUR COMPETITION HISTORY WINNERS BELOW Click here for our latest competition running – Free Intensive Driving Course + £1,000 Cash or £2,000 Cash VIDEOS of our previous Winners. AMBER DOIG-THORNE Previous Winner First Time PASS – view more Videos

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FREE Intensive Driving Course

FREE – Intensive Driving Course plus £1,000.00 or £2,000.00 To participate in our FREE Intensive Driving Course plus £1000,00 or claim the £2,000 instead just register below and participate. For a quick and simple engagement from you, you can receive £2000 in CASH or a FREE intensive course + £1000

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2019 Christmas Thank You

Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your participation. The holidays are fast approaching and the UK new year is going to be very significant in many ways for all of us living BREXIT. Through your support and participation, Carcaptain has published in excess of

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You are in the Finals ~ CRITICAL ~ information required ? Well done! You have made it this far…it is officially the home run! Please check your affiliate profile (if you have registered) as we have automatically registered some of our affiliate’s without their full information –

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191219 – Confirmation Post Mockup

This Video is a complete How-To When you have completed your registration (You can register by clicking on this LINK) we will send you login details to participate in the promotions. Please check your email. If you have any problems please contact us by calling Carcaptain on

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How do I know what the speed limit is

How do I know what the speed limit is on the road I am driving on? Have you ever found yourself driving somewhere and suddenly realize you might be driving a little too fast, or even too slow? You start looking around to see if you can

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