Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

All the tests we book, namely theory tests and practical driving tests are booked directly through our portal with the DVSA. You the client can book your tests directly at the DVSA, link provided here ,for free if you wish.

Carcaptain is not affiliated with the DVSA. Our services include a bespoke booking service where our expert consultants will find your test on the dates you want and at the test centres that suit your requirements. We charge out the test booked at the same price that we are charged by the DVSA. There is however an additional charge for us to find you an earlier test in accordance with your requirements. This will be discussed with you on enquiry and a detailed invoice is sent to you for the service/s requested.

We go through a series of verifications with yourself and your driving instructor to make sure that the test booked is according to the requirements as laid down by you.

Points considered by our Test Booking Consultants;

  • When do you want to do your practical driving test,
  • is your instructor available for the chosen test date,
  • are you ready to do the test,
  • what is your availability for the test in question,
  • does it suit the course you are on,
  • does the test match up with your training area,
  • possible cancellations if circumstances change,
  • sudden unavailability of your driving instructor?
  • Booked Fast Track practical tests by our team are only locked down for the student after due consultation and clear acceptance of the test date by the student.


This bespoke driving test service is only available after we have a complete test specification from you the client!

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We give you a full money back guarantee if we cannot find a test according to your specifications.  For more information in regard to this. Please read our full terms and conditions at the following URL :

If you wish to book your own driving test with the DVSA please just follow the link below;

Alternatively you can call the DVSA directly:

DVSA Telephone no: 0300 200 11 22


Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was replaced by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in April of 2014.
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) was an executive agency of the Department for Transport. It has been replaced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

CarCaptain Ltd ( is a private organisation and is not affiliated with the DVSA. However, we work directly with the DVSA using portal resources on behalf of our clients. The tests we book on behalf of our clients are booked with the DVSA on their systems. The instructors who do are specialised driving test preparation courses are registered with the DVSA and work in accordance with the guidelines and regulations  as set out by the DVSA from time to time.

We charge fees for finding clients tests or booking and managing their tests with the DVSA on the clients behalf. Carcaptain booking services are not free as we do extensive work looking for the appropriate tests on the DVSA system. Carcaptain will only book tests on behalf of its clients on a bespoke method and requires the clients verification that the test found is in accordance with the clients requirements and matches their own unique requirements.

For your bespoke Fast Track Driving Test Booking just follow this link;

All our instructors are registered with the DVSA and work in accordance with guidelines and rules and regulations as passed down from the DVSA.

You can read our full terms and conditions here;


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Driving Standards Agency : DSA

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