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What makes our driving school franchise unique?

Carcaptain driving school has a driving school franchise solution to suit your pocket. Our driving school franchise is tailor-made for the individual driving instructor and his requirements. This franchise can be developed, starting with ordinary lessons to the point where it is a fully running driving school with hired instructors under his franchise. It is our objective to administer and to help the driving school franchise holder to develop his business for his own benefit.

Some of the quality service to be expected while working with us:

  • A unique telephone number and a dedicated answering service, ensuring that one to one client contact.
  • Student allocation based on an instructor code, allowing you to build up your own clientele.
  • Personal DSA Instructor training session.

We believe that instructor support is what sets us apart from other driving schools, we offer regular support to our driving instructors, ensuring that they have a reliable team to turn to at all times.

If you need any further information about potentially signing up for a driving school franchise or just more information on the driving school franchise packages which we offer, please feel free to explore our driving school franchise website, fill in our online application form or simply give us a call to discuss how you would start to build your own private business in the driving school industry.

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Carcaptain is the best choice for potential franchisees looking for a well established, professional driving school franchise.

*If you would like to become a Carcaptain driving instructor but aren’t already a DSA registered Instructor, we can provide the training you need to achieve your ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) qualifications. Visit our Driving Instructor Training.

Our business:

Franchising often comes with a large franchising fee. At Car Captain, we offer bespoke franchise solutions to help you extend your business. These driving school franchise solutions are designed to suit your pocket. Moreover, being tailor made, these courses suit the individual driving instructor and their requirement. Starting with the ordinary lessons, this franchise can be developed into a fully running driving school with hired instructors. Our obligation is to administer the driving school franchise holders, in order to help them develop their business for their own benefit.

We prepare you for roads to stay ahead

Car Captain driving instructor franchise:

If you hire our driving instructor franchise, you will enjoy a number of quality services. You will be given a unique telephone number along with a committed answering service to ensure that none of the clients concerns go unattended. In order to build up your clientele, you can allocate students using an instructor code.

Hire us for the contended driving skills and enjoy:

Expertise of ADI (Approved Driving Instructor):

Having hired one of the best instructors, we strive to promote learning at an ideal pace. We understand learning abilities vary from person to person. In order to make the  individual learning experience better, the specific needs of the student must be kept under consideration. An ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) promises his students an effective learning experience and that too within a minimal period of time. He is experienced and has qualified driving exam that’s taken in three parts. This examination covers:

  • Theory
  • Driving ability
  • Instructional ability

In order to become an approved driving instructor, one needs to ace all three parts. Our instructor support sets us apart from other driving schools. We support our driving instructors by ensuring that they have a dependable team to turn to in any situation.

ORDIT Tutor:

Being committed to their services, our ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) qualified tutor can train a driver to become an ADI. They do so by providing them Driving Instructor Training. After the driver passes the test, these instructors take subsequent ‘check tests’ to ensure that the instructions taken are up to standard.

Before our tutors take the check tests, we offer ADI to be, refresher lessons and training. Check test have now increasingly been replaced by new standards check. This check tests the instructors against the ‘National standard for driver and rider training’ criteria. Moreover, it assesses whether the instruction given promotes learning at a better pace.

Having an examiner examining an instructor who has to give normal driving lessons to beginners, makes the process a whole lot pragmatic and professional.

The training provided by our ORDIT trainer is guaranteed to cover all the standards necessary to pass the ADI examination.

Whether you are looking for a driving instructor franchise or want to start out as an independent driving instructor, Car Captain is the service that can help you in the most effective and honest way. Our standard franchise is designed to offer our clients with the best possible start for their instructor career. This service benefits the instructors, who need a quality brand name and our customer support to start their business. This is exactly, how we support them in getting pupil supply or coaching.

For anyone wishing to become a driving instructor, this course is the key. For further information call our service or email us for a free quote.