Mehtab has done a practical driving test a few years ago and has and right driven since. He did an assessment lesson with Instructor Runi to establish what he would need to correct to be able to pass his test. To add a tad of pressure, he needed his licence by 17 October as he wanted a licence when he goes on holiday. Deadlines notes, Carcaptain started looking for a test, Instructor Runi with Mahtab's lessons. Working well under pressure, Mehtab made the grade! Guess who is going on holiday with a licence in his pocket! All achieved 4 days before the deadline. That is how we like it. Thanks Runi, great job, both of you!

Runi, one of our instructors asked us to book a test for one of her students. We did a fast track test booking and booked the test in Isleworth on 15 December. Chloe passed her test with a victory grin 🙂

Bethany called Carcaptain on a Friday to book a 27hr course for the following week. She needed the licence for her new job starting in a week's time. Due to a course being postponed, we are able to assist. Runi and Bethany work hard to get Bethany test ready over a five day period, the test at the crack of dawn on the sixth day. But for a cyclist shenanigans, coming from the wrong side of the road, Bethany would have passed. Carcaptain rebooked her test, she did two hours of brush up lessons and walked away with a bounce in her step, licence in hand!

One amazing student, what she does in not only skin deep, she approach every aspect of life whole heartedly. Rachel has a very busy schedule, running a highly successful business  but had to do her driving lessons and practical test before her theory certificate expired. Her PA called us, discussed Rachel's availability and we arranged the course in accordance.Rachel passed her test on her first attempt, five days to spare before her theory certificate expires! Skinlounge offered Instructor Runi a facial, lucky her!




Janos was an experienced driver, driving an automatic. He had touched on driving a manual car previously and decided he wanted to get UK licence in a manual car. Instructor Ren took it on himself to convert the automatic US driver into a manual UK driver. Instructor Ren worked Janos very hard, to the extent of the first time pass! Well done Janos, you did great!