Driving Lessons

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As well as our popular intensive and residential driving courses we also provide standard driving lessons, for both manual and automatic licences. Our instructors provide lessons that are designed to meet your current requirements and abilities, whether you are a beginner taking lessons for the first time, or an experienced driver, we guarantee you will get something valuable out of every lesson.


Manual Driving Lessons

Our manual driving lessons are aimed to equip you with the tools you need to effectively deal with every road situation that you may encounter.

Students will achieve various driving skills with our manual driving lessons including stable car control, driving awareness, and various technical driver requirements. For more information Click Here


Automatic Driving Lessons

The best thing about driving a car with automatic transmission is the car has no clutch, the car changes gear automatically without your direct intervention.

Driving an automatic  takes a lot of the physical stress away especially when driving on long journeys or in busy stop-start traffic, it also allows you to concentrate more on the road in front of you. For more information Click Here


Disabled Driving lessons

We offer special assistance to those who may be disabled or physically impaired and enable them to get mobile. We can assist you with the design of your car and then we will help you acquire a car for your unique talents and requirements. Get your car designed fitted and delivered, tuition can be given in the car which has been designed for you. For more information Click Here