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Driving test Cancellations Frequently asked questions

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Why would I use your driving test cancellation list?

Get yourself a practical driving test as early as next week, the quickest and easiest way possible.

What does it cost me to get a Fast Track driving test booking using your system?

It only costs from £36.77 for us to find you a practical driving test as specified by yourself at the test centre of your choice. The price of £36.77 excludes the DSA charges associated with the test booking itself. This will be £62.00 for a practical test during normal working hours and £75.00 for a practical driving test booked after hours, namely late afternoon, Saturdays and Sundays.

How long do I have to wait for my practical driving test booking to be confirmed?

Within hours but not more than 3 to 5 days unless your request for a practical driving test is more than 14 days away. From the time that you have filled in the form you can be offered a test, as specified by you in your application form, we will be contacting you by text message or email within hours of completing the form.

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Why is that you can get Driving test bookings quicker and easier that I can?

Carcaptain has a large number of students on its books, some students are not yet ready for their tests or for some other reason can no longer take the scheduled tests. Alternatively we are also constantly monitoring the DSA driving test cancellations and searching for tests for our students. When we find a test that matches your requirements either form an internal cancellation or from a test that has become available through the DSA we will offer you the test.

What happens if I have just failed a test?

If you are already registered with us, we will be in contact with you  anyway.  The implications are that we will need to find you a driving test as soon as possible after your failed test to keep your costs to a minimum.   To rebook a test for you, the cost will be £19.77 and the requisite DSA test fee.  However the available time will be subject to the DSA’s cooling off period of 10 working days.

How long do I have to wait to retake a driving test?

If you have just failed a test, the DSA has a 10 clear working day cooling off period before you can retake your test.  The working days are calculated from the day after you have taken your test and runs from Mondays to Saturdays.  Bank holidays and Sundays do not count as working days.

What if I need an extended test?

We can look for an extended test for you and will notify you as per your preferred contact method of  a test so found.

How much will it cost for you to find and book an extended test?

It will cost you £45.00 to find you an extended test at the test centre of your choice.   The price of £45.00 excludes the DSA charges associated with the test booking itself. This will be £124.00 for a practical test during normal working hours and £150.00for a practical driving test booked after hours, namely late afternoon, Saturdays and Sundays.

How long do I have to wait for an extended test?

Extended test are more difficult to find that normal driving test as the DSA only makes a limited number of test available. However our team of professional operators will devote time every day to finding you a suitable test date and would keep you updated throughout.

What happens if the driving test booked is not at a time that I can take it?

When we have found a driving test which matches your specified time and selected driving test centre we will contact you by telephone, text message or email (which ever had been your preferred contact method) to get confirmation that you want the test that has been offered. You are entitled to change your mind on the initial offer up to 3 times only if the offer matches your criteria we have on file. If the test we offer does not match your criteria you are not penalised therefore. That means that if we have offered you three tests which match your criteria and you turn them down to get a further three tests offered to you under the contract will cost you £7.77. If you were offered a test and you accepted the test that was offered to you and you wish to change the test and remain on the test findings priority list, driving test cancellation list, for further test requests it will also cost you £7.77.

What do I need to do to get such a cheap driving test cancellation booking service?

Simply Quickly and Easily follow the link to our driving test cancellation list,

  • Fill in the complete form, making sure we have the correct information,
  • submit the form with your details,
  • at this stage we may contact you with any tests that we have available,
  • or our professional operators will contact you to review your request,
  • we will request a nominal payment of £2.00 for registration and to verify your credit card or debit card details,
  • the operators will discuss alternative means which could make the process even cheaper,
  • please feel free to discuss the matter with our operators if anything is unclear.

How do you get a cancellation driving test?

You can simply fill in our online registration form which can be found on the link above. Alternatively, you can call our offices to get information, check if we have any available test at the time, give us your requirements and information of what you need. Driving test cancellations can also be found by calling the Driving Standards Agency or contacting them through their website.

How do you check for cancellations driving test?

The quickest easiest and simplest way is either to use our Driving Test Cancellation list or by calling our offices during office hours for an immediate check to see if we have an available test which meets your criteria. If we do not have a test available on our Driving Test Cancellation List at the time of your call we will make this available by constantly checking on the DSA website for a cancellation.

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How do you get Fast Track driving Test by checking for cancellations driving test?

A quick and easy way to find a driving test cancellation is by simply calling our offices. Alternatively, you may want to list yourself on our driving test cancellations list for us to immediately look for your driving test.

How to check driving test cancellations?

You can check for driving test cancellations by going to the driving standards agency website. However, the chances that a test will be available at the time and place where you want it is very slim. We have numerous qualified operators who on a daily basis are looking for tests to match to the client database requirements which we have.

How to check for driving test cancellations?

Simply click on the cross to our Driving Test Cancellation List and we will be doing all the work for you. Our trained operators will contact you, per your stated preferred contact method, at the moment they find a test which meets your criteria. At that stage, you will be offered the test, it is your prerogative to clear with your driving instructor, parents friends or associates so that you can know that you can do the test which has been offered to you. If you want to take up the FastTrack driving test booking which we have offered you you simply that our office know and we will lock the test down on your name.

How do I check for driving test cancellations?

If you wanted to do the checking for the Driving Test Cancellation yourself you would need to log into the Driving Standards Agency website, fill in all the necessary details, and then go through the process of checking for the driving test at the required test centre where you would like to take the test. It would probably be necessary for you to attend to the computer for a period of time ranging from anything from 24 hours to be able to find a driving test at the sector where you require the test and which matches your time criteria. However it is much simpler and quicker to contact our driving test team or to list yourself on our Driving Test Cancellation List for an earlier date.

What would I do if I wanted to have a driving test now?

The quickest and easiest way to solve this problem would be for you to register yourself on our Driving Test Cancellation List as our team of professionally trained operators will do all the work for you.

Driving test cancellation checker?

It does not matter whether you use a driving test cancellation checker or whether you use our services,  the main difference is that our operators are professionally trained to assist you and to do the work for you. There is no need to do any software downloads or applications such as driving test cancellation applications or driving test cancellation checkers which run on your computers. Our operators attend to all the technical and necessary requirements as laid down by the DSA from time to time. It therefore releases the learner driver or potential driving test student from having to do this work himself.

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