Question: Do Intensive Driving Courses Work?

Answer: If structured correctly and designed in accordance with the students optimum learning ability and balanced with their capacity and endurance they work extremely well. However, going in for a 5 day cookie crunch, one system fits all is mostly a waste of time.

Question: Should I take an Intensive Driving Course?

Answer: Yes of course! Having been teaching students in the normal old fashioned way of 1 hr a week, forever courses, selling driving lessons, nothing beats a well designed and structured intensive driving course.

Question: Why do the conventional I hr a week driving lessons not work so well?

Answer: There are many negatives to the conventional snail's pace of learning to drive. Firstly the instructor has not seen you for a week since your last driving lesson. If he keeps really good notes on your last lesson and progress he may have an inkling of where he left you in your learning curve last week. Remember the driving instructor may have been teaching as many as 40 other students before he sees you the next time. If he has not kept proper notes at best he will be fumbling and trying you out at the beginning of the lesson.

So now the instructor picks you up and at the start of the lesson you are both fumbling for the first 15 to 20 mins and dealing with your knowledge bleed. So the next 20 mins of the lesson will be fruitful. The last 20 mins of the lesson he is taking you home, ending the task, and possibly writing up his notes. So effectively you the student has had an effective 20 mins out of the 1 hr you paid for.  1/3 of an hour has been effective.

The same lead-in and lead-out times will apply for a 2 hr lesson but the effective learning time increases to 1 and 1/3 of an hour. 20 mins (33%) learning time on a 1 hr lesson as opposed to 80 mins  (66.7%) learning time on a 2hr lesson. More than a doubled efficiency. Now do the lessons on consecutive days and all of a sudden the instructor and the student become more effective as they both have less opportunity for knowledge bleed and have more chance to build on where they left off yesterday.

Trying to do a 5 day course, including the theory test and as some 5 day course people do, include car sharing is just madness at best. Carcaptain has on occasion done 5 day courses (Carcaptain never do car-sharing), where the student has an impending deadline that has to be met. Under normal circumstances, we would recommend spreading the lessons and trying not to exceed 3 hours in the car if that can be avoided and accommodated.

Carcaptain designs the course for the student to best fit their schedule, physical abilities and rate of learning to find the optimum best fit intensive driving course for the student. (Bespoke Course)

Question: Does intensive driving course work?

An intensive driving course will work if it is designed correctly taking into consideration the students learning restraints and if the course is designed to optimise the student's situation.

Question: Do intensive driving courses actually work?

The Bespoke intensive driving course if correctly designed will turn out to be the cheapest and easiest way to get your driving licence PASS. Please read or comments on the question; "Why do conventional driving lessons not work so well?"

Question: Should I take an intensive driving course?

Answer: Do an intensive driving course or bespoke designed driving course it will always work out better if properly designed and managed. Intensive driving courses can be adjusted to meet your schedule. The closer you can have your lessons spaced (preferably on following days) the less knowledge bleed you will have and the easier it is to build your confidence. It is always preferable to interspace your lessons with private tuition driving if it is properly disciplined. Learning with friends and family can be detrimental as well if it is not disciplined and can develop bad habits.

At Carcaptain we have seen again and again that Intensive Bespoke Driving Courses are a great solution for getting your driving licence. We see our instructors develop and improve their first-time PASS rates over time. An instructor faced with an objective oriented driving course is always going to get a better result than the instructor selling driving lessons. The driving lessons instructor has "selling driving lessons" as his main objective. The instructor who has a fixed agreed number of hours to complete a course and prepare the student for the driving test is much more result orientated.

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