FREE re-Test Booking.

First Time Pass Guarantee.- (FTPG)

The FREE re-Test Guarantee applies to those situations where you have requested this (FTPG) to be included in your course.


Why should I consider including the PASS Guarantee (FTPG) in my course?

  • If you for any strange reason you do not Pass your test on the first attempt with Carcaptain. Your next practical driving test will booked FREE of charge.

Will I have to pay the full fees for the re-booking?

  • No the booking is free of charge, there are no further test cover charges.

What do I have to do to claim on the (FTPG)?

  • To claim on the (FTPG), your free driving test re-booking, including the test cover charges for your re-test you will need to book in for 5hrs or more at our normal rate of which 1hr will include the time out on test.

What happens if I want to get an earlier test?

  • We will move the Test booked to an Earlier date for a nominal fee of £20.00. This will carry our full Test Booking Guarantee terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions applicable to the First Time Pass Guarantee (FTPG).

The First Time Pass Guarantee (FTPG) is an opt in option by the client. This option will reduce the cost of the test and cover charges if the client fails his first test with Carcaptain.

This option will have been offered to the student as an alternative after an assessment by the Carcaptain nominated driving instructor and will be available as opt in at the time that the prices are discussed with the client.

A claim on the FTPG must be initiated within 45 days after the first practical driving test has been taken.

The FTPG has to be the option taken at the start of the course after the assessment.