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Free Intensive Driving Course Christmas 2019 Rollover

Why Rollover the Christmas 2019 competition?

During this last quarter, as we approached the Christmas deadline for the closing of the competition on the evening of 24 December, there were still numerous affiliate's who had not had the opportunity to register on our new promotional automated software (If you have not got your Affiliate Login and Registration details just go >HERE<). Although, these primary affiliates had done substantial promotions because of not registering on the new system they were essentially disadvantaged as a result of the situation.

It was also a consideration that the massive impact of the political scenario in the UK during the run-up to Christmas many of our registered participants did not have adequate time to focus on the reregistration and promotion process.

In an effort to be fair to the original registrants and the newly registered affiliates (on our new promotion platform) we at Carcaptain felt it would be better to roll over the Christmas closing competition into the 29 April competition. (High spring competition 2020).

The Rollover is not confined to the award only!

The award for the most appropriate affiliate promotion campaign will now include the work done by the affiliate during the last quarter to help level the playing field for those who registered on our new promotion platform. This also benefits the previous registrants as well. Further, it will mean that all registered affiliates can hit the ground running as they already have accumulated credence over our multiplatform social media promotions..

The closing date for the award will be midnight on 29 April 2020. (High spring 2020).

Don't miss out register here now: >REGISTER HERE<

Only people who are now registered on our new platform will be considered for the award on 29 April 2020. This now gives ample time for all those who registered to do promotions to get themselves fully registered and up-to-date on the use of our new evaluation platform.

How does the Rollover influence the Prize?

The selected prize winner will be given the opportunity to choose between two prizes:

  1. an intensive driving course with all the bells and whistles (value +/- £1,200.00) and £1,000.00
  2. or £2,000.00

Read all about the competition here: > MORE INFORMATION on the FREE IDC HERE<

Please read the various Guidelines and Terms and Conditions:

Please also make sure you have read our General Terms and Conditions ( >HERE< ) and the promotional participation requirements and Guidelines and associated Terms of Service.