Intensive Driving Lessons Finance (Drive now Pay ~ Later)

Carcaptain intensive driving lessons financial help option.

Drive Now Pay Later Intensive Driving Courses.

If you do not currently have the financial means to pay for your driving lessons (you can sign up to pay later for your fast track intensive driving course), theory test and or driving test you could consider making an application for a payment plan.

The most effective way to get your driving licence is to do an intensive object-orientated course with everything included that will enable you to reach the end goal of getting your driving licence.

What you need to consider when planning your Fast Track Intensive driving Course.

Here you will find all the elements and processes that need to be considered when deciding "how and what?" for the course: (Get your driving licence quickly and easily and in the most effective way)

Why is it better to do an Intensive Driving Course?

Here is a detailed breakdown of why an intensive driving course is better for you including the FAQ's around guaranteed pass and intensive driving courses:

PASS Guaranteed intensive driving courses - Pay Later = While you earn!

Do your Intensive Driving Course now (with all the efficiency of a Fast Track Intensive Driving course or Guaranteed PASS intensive driving course) and the best is you can Pay Later.

Unfortunately, many people do not have sufficient financial resources to consolidate the learning process and get the course in the shortest possible time. Which is also the best and most cost-effective way because there are many advantages to doing a bespoke designed course, it also significantly reduces the amount of knowledge bleed due to time.

Get Your Driving Licence Quickly and easily - this makes it cheaper and simpler for you and you can repay at your own pace. Financed Intensive Driving Lessons are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Carcaptain intensive driving courses have a quick and simple process to offer driving lesson finance for our prospective clients.

The application for driving lessons financial help is really quick and simple. Because we offer bespoke designed intensive driving courses in accordance with the student's requirements and required skilled learning set, Carcaptain along with the prospective student can determine the extent of car driving lesson finance required for the course.

Driving Lessons Finance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I qualify for driving lessons financial help?

Yes, you can easily and quickly qualify for driving lessons financing if you have the following in place. You need to be a UK citizen with a UK bank account, a credit or debit card, and online banking. The decision to grant you credit for your intensive driving course (driving lessons) and the period over which it will be repaid will depend on your affordability and credit profile.

In summary, if you can tick the boxes below then you should easily qualify for driving lesson financing through Carcaptain. Carcaptain intensive driving courses and driving lessons have been approved for financing subject to the student's eligibility.

  • are you a UK citizen
  • do you have a UK bank account
  • do you have a UK debit card or credit card
  • do you have online banking
  • do you think you will qualify the affordability and credit profile
  • would you like to spread your payments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

Do I need to pay a deposit?

The student will need to pay a deposit of approximately 10%. The deposit is only taken for the financing once the intensive driving course financial assistance has been approved.

How long will it take to arrange the intensive driving lessons financing?

Mostly 30 seconds. The application and decision is automated and takes 30 seconds after you complete and confirm your application. Sometimes your application for intensive driving course financing may require additional information and could take longer. If further information is required you will be notified by email.

How do I arrange driving lesson finance for my intensive driving course with Carcaptain?

Below is our recommended sequence to follow to arrange financing for your intensive driving course or driving lessons;

  1. Contact by email or by phone our client managers to discuss and consult on what is required to get your driving licence as quickly and effectively as possible.
  2. Carcaptain will discuss and prepare a detailed invoice of what is required to get you a complete intensive driving course.
  3. Knowing the driving course price (driving lessons prices) which will include everything you need, taking into consideration your unique skill level learning requirements and the necessary tests, you will have a comprehensive and complete invoice to use to make an application for the necessary intensive driving lessons financial help you require.
  4. Carcaptain will send you a link to make an application for your financing.
  5. Submit your intensive driving course financing application.
  6. In most cases you should have the result within 30 seconds after submitting the application, however, sometimes additional information may be required. Rarely the application may take more than 12 hours.

I have submitted my application for driving lesson finance and have not been given a decision – please help?

If you have not received a decision after 12 hours, please contact us to follow this up for you.

Further information about the financing:

Main considerations the student needs to consider and take note of when making an application for driving lesson financing.

Driving lesson prices cannot be determined by a simple comparison. When a prospective student is phoning around to the various driving schools they will get a varied result in terms of the price for individual lessons. Unfortunately, a driving lesson isn't always a driving lesson. The skill and ability level of instructors, and their integrity, varies greatly.

When you buy an iPhone the specification and control of the quality of the iPhone is governed by Apple. An iPhone from the black market on the Internet or the major retailer is still an iPhone. One can thus compare prices knowing that the core quality and telephone specification, provided it is genuine, can be compared with one another. However, external factors such as support and reclaim still come into play as the retailer has an obligation towards the purchaser.

However, when considering a driving lesson price, the specification and quality of the driving lesson, the car used for the lessons, the attitude of the driving instructor towards his students, and many other factors can influence the rate of learning and quality of the lessons. It is a given that instructors have a certain minimum level governed by the DVLA. However, once the instructor places his badge in the window of the car, this quality control stops.

Carcaptain with its vast experience and ability to act as an intermediary between the student and the driving instructor has always managed to keep the cost of the intensive driving course – driving lesson price to a minimum. Carcaptain sets extremely high standards for the driving instructors that work with our client managers daily. Thus, Carcaptain is able to manage the course requirements and the instructor on behalf of the student. If the student deals directly with the instructor this 3rd party governing organisation (Carcaptain intensive driving courses school) is taken out of the mix and the student is left dealing with the whims and shortcomings of the instructor.

By nature Carcaptain intensive driving bespoke courses are specifically designed and quality controlled to minimise the financing requirements for the course.  We place in high regard developing and designing intensive driving courses on an object-orientated process to get the best and fastest results possible under the circumstances governed by the student's availability and requirements.

If the student lives within the M25 around London, central London, then there is no doubt that we, Carcaptain, would qualify on a search; "driving lessons near me". The student looking for driving lessons financial help in or near their location can now make use of our very competitive driving lessons prices London for full finance of their intensive driving course.