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This “Intensive driving course guaranteed pass” course is all about you getting a GUARANTEED PASS contract with Carcaptain Ltd.

The process starts by getting detailed information about your past driving experience. Our expert client consultants will be able to help you evaluate the best way for you to get this course designed to be able to get you in the car as quickly as possible, and for us to help you get that licence with all our resources backing you. The “Intensive driving course guaranteed pass” course is extremely effective and efficient.

This bespoke intensive driving course guaranteed pass course, the PASS Guaranteed Fast Track intensive driving course, has to be the ultimate intensive driving course that can be offered by any driving school. This is our premium product and ultimately the cheapest solution for anybody who is learning to drive.

“Intensive driving course guaranteed pass” course is extremely cost effective because it creates a heightened responsibility and attentive learning environment for both the learner and the instructor.

Since everyone’s driving experience and abilities vary, we first have you take a quick evaluation lesson to determine your driving ability and your speed of learning. After your evaluation lesson, you will then receive an offer for the Guaranteed  Pass driving course (“intensive driving course guaranteed pass”), with a detailed contract which includes the role and responsibilities of Carcaptain.

We have very flexible schedules to effectively fit your intensive driving course around you (bespoke design). It is possible for us to guarantee you a test centre practical driving test date within 10 to 14 days of having contacted our offices. Our intensive course driving instructors are continually preparing students for their practical driving tests which have been booked through our guaranteed driving test booking service in less than one week of having been contacted by the client.

If you embark on a pass guaranteed intensive driving course through Carcaptain, we will do everything we can to have you pass your practical driving test in under 14 days from the time that you have signed up for your course!

To find out more about our Pass guaranteed courses or other driving options please call us on 0800 8600 186 and discuss your requirements with our helpful, friendly office staff. They will be able to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. You can then make the arrangements for your Pass Guaranteed driving course.

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This Intensive Driving Course Guaranteed Pass – is our premium product.

The guaranteed pass courses is our premium product. Welcome to the new standard of driving tuition excellence.
Because not all companies can offer a pass guaranteed course Carcaptain has had to develop specialised administrative processes to support this bespoke intensive driving course.

I will try to explain how we go about offering (intensive driving course guaranteed pass) this unique opportunity to the learner driver. It all starts with a thorough assessment. The first part of the assessment is when you call our operators or fill in one of our online forms to give us the information we require to be able to help you in the best possible way. Right from the get go we are collecting information to be able to design the course according to your availability and matching you up with the our most conveniently accessible instructor who can do the guaranteed pass course for you.

This is often the cheapest way for anyone to get their licence. In all the years that we have been doing the guaranteed pass course, the clients in our numerous follow-up reviews, as shown on youtube,
will agree that they should have embarked on a guaranteed pass course much sooner in their learning to drive process.

Once we have got all the information about your whereabouts and availability we will arrange for you to have an assessment of the current status and skill level of your driving abilities. Our assessment will include your rate of learning, dexterity, conversion and the ability to interpret practical instructions into physical action. Following the assessment, you will be provided with a comprehensive report which will detail shortcomings and what would be required to get you ready for a driving test. Along with the report you will get an estimate and complete breakdown of the intensive course that will achieve the goal. You will also be given the equivalent guaranteed pass course price along with a contract personally tailored to your requirements.

With this information in hand you will then be able to make a decision as to whether you want to go ahead with a guaranteed pass course, or wish to follow through with our normal intensive driving course.
The first question that people normally ask, is what will the guaranteed pass course cost? Unfortunately, without all the information and a full assessment the best we can do is give you an estimate of what that price can be. However, once we have done the assessment the evaluation will give us a clear indication and will provide you with a contract matching the guaranteed pass course price that you have been offered.
The next question that is normally asked is how many lessons does this include. The answer to the number of lessons is simply as many as you need to be able to pass the test. It is logically in Carcaptain’s best interest to train you effectively and efficiently to be able to pass the driving test in your first attempt. Otherwise if you fail the obligation is now on Carcaptain to give you more lessons preparing you for your next attempt. It is in our interest that you should be more than ready when we present you for your driving test.

You may ask how many attempts do I have at the driving test, the answer is between five and seven depending on the contract and your availability. The number of attempts that you will be allowed according to your contract will be determined by your availability and the assessment.
A common question is how many hours of retraining will I get before the next test? You will get as many hours as necessary to improve and correct any faults you may have had on your previous test, and whatever number of hours are necessary to get you ready and well prepared for your next test.

The great advantage of the guaranteed pass intensive driving course is that a high degree of the risk of you passing your test is passed on to Carcaptain and its driving instructor. This means that the company and the driving instructor involved must take responsibility for your preparation and rate of learning. We have found in the last five years that we have been running these guaranteed pass courses that they are extremely successful and because both the student the driving instructor and the company Carcaptain are all highly motivated to get the best possible result in the shortest possible time for the student it is a win-win situation all round.

A common opinion amongst our clients about the Guaranteed pass course is that it takes the pressure off because they do not need to worry about paying for additional lessons. This makes taking the driving test easier and reduces the pressure on the day of the test.

Entering into a guaranteed pass course with Carcaptain really is intensive, it is challenging but there are many advantages to doing your driving course in this way.