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Want to pass your driving test? The Quick and Easy way is through out PASS Guaranteed Intensive driving course!  Simply call us to arrange your quick evaluation lesson, and we can get your started on your effective way to pass your driving test. We Guarantee that we can find you a test for your course and that you will be pleased with the flexibility and commitment we will have to ensuring you pass!

The Guaranteed Pass Fast Track intensive driving course is a bespoke service which has to be the ultimate intensive driving course that can be offered! It is our premium product and ultimately the cheapest solution for anybody who is learning to drive!

The Guaranteed PASS intensive driving course is extremely cost effective as from start to finish, it's a dedicated focus from instructor to student to pass in a short amount of time.

Quick Evaluation Lesson

Since everyone’s driving experience and abilities vary, we firstly take you on a quick evaluation lesson to determine your driving ability and your speed of learning. After your evaluation lesson we will send you an offer for the Guaranteed Pass driving course, with a detailed contract which includes the role and responsibilities of Carcaptain.

We offer flexible and suitable availability to meet your requirements and get you through your driving course and test at lightning fast speed! It's possible for us to guarantee you a great driving test date within 10 to 14 days of first contact! Our instructors are continually working with intensive driving course students, and know the process to get them test ready, of which many have been through their guaranteed pass course and test within only one week!

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If you embark on a pass guaranteed intensive driving course through Carcaptain intensive driving schools we will do everything we can to have you pass your practical driving test in under 14 days from the time that you have signed up for your guaranteed pass crash course!

To find out more about our guaranteed  pass courses call us on 0800 8600 186 and discuss your requirements with our helpful, friendly office staff. They will be able to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. You can then make the arrangements for your Guaranteed Pass driving course.

Common FAQ's

PASS Guaranteed intensive driving courses FAQ

Everyone enjoys driving and the sense of independence, it brings. It’s an activity that makes you feel free and adds to your confidence. Whether you need to commute to office or want to go on a road trip, you need to make sure you are a safe driver behind the wheel.

Being one of the iconic driving schools in London, Car Captain has been serving the residents for over 10 years. Keeping your specific needs in consideration, we strive to make your learning experience better. Our specialised driving course is followed by a unique feature of having a fast track driving test booking service. Being unrivaled in our services, we don’t make you wait for 3 to 4 months for a driving test. We work with an intention to provide our clients an absolute peace of mind with value! Each of our staff members adheres to this core goal of ours.

Intensive driving course:

If you are in a hurry to pass your driving test, with our tips and tuition you will find it as easy as pie. Car Captain offers an intensive driving course with guaranteed pass. All you need to do is call us. We will arrange a quick evaluation lesson in order to put you on the effective way, to pass your driving test. Our commitment and flexibility sets us apart. It normally takes about 6 months to 2 years to get your driving course completed. But with our intensive course, you can acquire the skills required to drive in just 14 days or less. Our aim is to provide our clients an absolute peace of mind with the quality and value.

Driving crash course:

We are famed for our flexibility and listen closely to our clients’ requirements, in order to tailor our course to suit their needs. Our bespoke service is the ultimate intensive driving course that can be offered. Being our premium product, our intensive driving course is ultimately the cheapest solution for the ones who want to learn to drive. Our driving crash course with guaranteed pass is convenient and cost effective. It is designed to help the students pass their driving test in a shortest period of time.


Everyone’s driving abilities vary. In order to support learning at an ideal pace, we evaluate your driving abilities and your speed of learning. When we are done with the evaluation, we offer our students with the Guaranteed Pass driving course. This course is provided with a detailed contract that states our roles and responsibilities.

Expertise of highly qualified instructors:

Having hired highly qualified and experienced staff, we offer our clients the competitive courses at the competitive prices. They are deft and efficient in their expertise and have all that takes to get the students test ready. Moreover, a number of our students have been through their guaranteed pass course and test within just a week. You just need to trust our instincts, as we will do our best to have you pass your driving test in less than 14 days.

Need more information about our intensive driving course? Call us on today on 0800 8600 186. Discussing your requirements with you, we will make sure you get a course to suit your needs. Our free consultancy service will guide you through the process and attend all queries you have.