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Learner Driver Insurance available on a short term Basis for almost any Car.

“Save £20 off your new short term policy and up to £20 off every subsequent short term policy purchased with Collingwood Learner Drivers”

Just give us a call when you have registered your Learner Driver Insurance and we will make all the arrangements ~ 020 7099 1232.

£1.70 per day (Excludes Insurance Premium Tax and a Card Processing Fee), insure your own or someone else’s car as specified on the policy and you can purchase additional cover as and when you need it

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Car Insurance for Provisional license holders. (The Learner Licence Insurance Policy)

Holders of Provisional Licences can be insured for their own or someone else’s car as specified on the policy. If someone else owns the vehicle the vehicle owner will need to have their own insurance on the car, you can take out a Learner Driver policy for the provisional licence holder to be able to drive the vehicle for tuition purposes. Any accidents whilst the  learner driver is driving will be dealt with by the Learner Driver policy as opposed to the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

Holders of Provisional Licenses can now be insured on any private vehicle without the Learner Diver Insurance Policy affecting the insurance already held on the vehicle. The original insurer is also not liable for any accident if the Learner insured has an accident with the vehicle.

Learner Drivers Insurance Policy.
Q: In a nut shell, what is this car insurance for the young learner driver?
A: The Learner driver insurance policy is a separate car insurance policy to cover the learner driver for either their own vehicle or whilst they are driving someone else’s car as specified on the policy. There are different durations and levels of cover available.

Q: Surely insurance for learner drivers is encouraging people to learn to drive with parents rather than driving instructors?
A: Not at all. The idea of the Learner driver insurance policy is to allow the learner driver additional tuition on top of their lessons with an approved driving instructor. It provides the Learner driver time to practice what they have learnt with their driving instructor.

This policy allows the young learner driver with his provisional license to have access to many hours of useful practice in preparation of his practical driving test. It is a cheap car insurance for learner drivers with many benefits and makes good financial sense.

To really use this facility, car insurance for learner drivers, effectively, the instructor can design his course to best benefit the practice facility this Learner Driver Insurance policy offers the provisional license holder and include a homework practice session. There is no substitute for practice and experience if the Learner Driver keeps to the procedures and safety checks that he has been taught by the Instructor. Any good instructor would welcome the fact that his Learner driver has a facility to practice.

But, practice bad habits and the Learner Driver will spend many more hours with the instructor being taught the correct procedures.

Q: Am I eligible for this insurance for learner drivers if I live in Northern Ireland?”
A: No. The learner driver car insurance cover is only available if you live within England, Scotland or Wales.

The short term car insurance for learner drivers Policy.
Q. What is the term or period that I have to take out the Learner Drivers Insurance Policy..
A: The learner driver car insurance policy can be taken out for periods of 7 days to 24 weeks, subject to a minimum initial period of 4 weeks.

If the learner driver does not own the vehicle then the vehicle owner must insure the vehicle themselves for them to drive the car and the learner driver policy runs alongside the vehicle owner’s policy and is only operative when the learner driver is behind the wheel. This means the cover can be purchased as and when it is required.

If the learner driver owns the car then this policy can be the only policy on the car and insures the learner driver and the car at all times, the insurance does not cover anyone else to drive the car. Please ensure the car is continuously insured, if you have a break from learning to drive and don’t want to insure the vehicle when not in use, you can have a break from the insurance but you must declare the vehicle off the road with the DVLA. Under law the vehicle must be insured at all times or declared off the road and not in use.



As insurance costs are higher - flexible, affordable cover is paramount for learner drivers. We have taken into account the fact that the vehicle may not be used all year round due to other commitments and being away from home and have also considered that there are times when money is tight. The policy holder can simply opt not to insure their vehicle and use some other means of transport or arrange car shares with their friends or family.

Who owns the Vehicle?
Q: Do I the Provisional License Holder have to own the Vehicle I wish to ensure?
A: The policyholder (insured learner driver) does not need to own the vehicle, anyone can own the vehicle, the vehicle must be specified on the policy.

Q: What happens in the event of a claim?
A: In the event of an accident while the learner driver is driving you would contact the 24 hours Collingwood Claims line, using the contact number provided within your documentation. They will record the details of the incident and proceed to deal with the claim providing all terms and conditions have been met.

We are often asked "can a learner driver drive without insurance?" the simple and quick answer to that is that no person is legally allowed to to drive on public roads without the appropriate insurance cover.

The insurance cost provisional licence can be as low as £1.70 per day, excluding Insurance Premium Tax and any non-refundable fees. You can elect to extend or limit the time period that you take out the insurance on a week or 4 weekly term basis, up to a maximum of 24 weeks..

The provisional license holder s policy is not an insurance any liscence driver can drive type of policy and it is limited to Learner drivers.

This short term car insurance for Learner Drivers is easily managed and adjusted on a when you need it basis.

"How to get cheap car insurance for son learning to drive?" ~ The Provisional License holders (Learner drivers insurance) policy is the perfect answer to this question.

The learner driver insurance policy ( provisional drivers insurance,
provisional license insurance) is a quick and easy way to get the new learner driver who has just turned 17 on the road. We advise that all learners should first get DSA approved instructors tuition before they start their driving.

The following questions; "do I need short term car insurance for provisional driving licence?" and "Where do I find short term insurance for learner drivers?" and "Can I get short term insurance as a provisional licence holder?" and "Can a learner drive a car with fully comprehensive insurance?" are all answered in the positive if you make use of the learner driver insurance we are recommending.

When faced with the question "Can a learner driver drive a fully comprehensive parent's car?" the answer is "No!, unless he has been added to the policy" please refer to the original policy holder if you wish to go down this route.

When asked "Can you drive a car on a provisional licence with no insurence?" The answer is no you cannot unless you have obtained our car insurance for provisional licence holder. Our car insurance for provisional license holder is cheap provisional insurance and will provide the individual with comprehensive learner driver car insurance for the short term that they require it. Remember that the learner driver must be supervised in accordance with the regulations.

The cost of adding a driver with provisional license to insurance is normally exorbitant and and this policy will give you cover.

Q ~ "Do I need insurance for a provisional license?"
Q ~ "Do I need insurance provisional license holder?"

A ~ Yes you need to be insured and please do not forget you need to have qualified supervision in the car with you when you are practicing. Rules for Learner Drivers Learning to drive

Q ~ Does this insurance fall under Driving comprehensive provisional insurance?" Rules for Learner Drivers Learning to drive

A ~ Yes it does and as per above you must be under supervision as per the legal requirements. Extract at the bottom of this page.

Q ~ When I am driving with provisional insurance but no license, how does a young driver get insured?

A ~ You can get our Learner Driver Insurance Policy for Provisional License holders.

Q ~ "How to add an provisional driver to your car insurance?"

A ~ Adding a provisional driver to your car insurance could be an extremely costly process and our Stand alone (Free Standing) ~ Learner Drivers Insurance policy could be a very viable alternative.

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The below terms are directly as published by DirectGov.

Rules for learner drivers

Before you start to drive, you must:

  • hold a valid, provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  • make sure that any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured

It is important to learn safe driving practice from the beginning of your driving career because bad habits are hard to break.

It is unlikely that anyone except an approved driving instructor (ADI) would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly. Learning safe driving habits from the start will improve the safety of yourself and other road users.

If you want to practice your driving with an accompanying driver, the accompanying driver must be over the age of 21 and must have held (and still hold) a full licence, in the relevant vehicle category, for three years.

As a learner driver you must display 'L' plates ('L' or 'D' plates in Wales) in a conspicuous position on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving. Rule for Learner drivers.

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