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Learner Driver Insurance available on a short term Basis for almost any Car.

If your Car (Mom, Dads, Brother, Sister, or friends) is already insured then this is the cheapest short term Car insurance for Learner Drivers. No need adding a learner driver to insurance if you can have independent cover on your already insured car.
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Car Insurance for Provisional license holders. (The Learner Licence Insurance Policy)

Holders of Provisional Licenses (Learners as they are known by the Layman) can have their own insurance on the vehicle of their choice. For purposes of clarity we will refer to such a policy as Learner Driver Insurance Policy.

The Provisional License holders policy (Learner drivers insurance) does not allow the learner to drive unaccompanied in terms of the law. please refer to the following terms. Rules for Learner Drivers Learning to drive

Holders of Provisional Licenses can now be insured on any private vehicle without the Learner Diver Insurance Policy affecting the insurance already held on the vehicle. The original insurer is also not liable for any accident if the Learner insured has an accident with the vehicle. This Learner Driver Policy offers comprehensive insurance covering learner drivers whilst accompanied, driving a vehicle specified on the policy, that could be your parents, grandparents, friend or any other legally registered vehicle.

If the available Car (Mom, Dads, Brother, Sister, or friends) is already insured then this is the cheapest short term Car insurance for Learner Drivers. No need adding a learner driver to insurance if you can have independent cover on your already insured car.
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Learner Drivers Insurance Policy.
Q: In a nut shell, what is this car insurance for the young learner driver ( Provisional Licence Holder) ?
A: the Learner driver insurance policy is a comprehensive car insurance for the learner driver while he is learning to drive in a parents, grandparents, friends or any other legally registered car. The Learner Drivers Insurance policy (Provisional License holders term policy) can be taken out either on a weekly or four weekly basis and does not affect the no claims bonus of the person who owns the vehicle in the event of an accident

Our recommended Learner Drivers Insurance product is the most convenient, user friendly and cost effective insurance product available to learner drivers. Learner drivers can insure any car - they do not need to own the car as they can use the car insurance for provisional license holders to add themselves to a relatives or friends vehicle whilst they learn to drive. This alleviates the need for parents to replace their existing insurance or pay exorbitant premiums in the short term whilst their son or daughter is learning to drive. Additionally if the learner is insured with our recommended car insurance for young learner drivers, any accidents they have will not affect the car owners no claims bonus and cover (Learner drivers insurance policy) is always fully comprehensive whilst learning to drive.

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Q: Why should the Learner Driver use a referral code when completing the application for this cheap learner driver car insurance?
A: All pupils insuring without a referral code are charged an additional £5 a week. This can equate to a third extra per week that they have to pay.

The car insurance for learner drivers (car insurance for provisional drivers) is a cheap car insurance for the learner or his parents it means that with your provisional license you can get car insurance on your mother, father, uncle, brother or any fortunate family members car. This cheap insurance for provisional drivers has further advantages in that it is a short term cheap car insurance for provisional drivers and the individual is at liberty to extent or limit the policy according to their schedule and availability to practice.

Q: Surely insurance for learner drivers is encouraging people to learn to drive with parents rather than driving instructors?
A: Not at all. There is no better way to learn to drive and practice the routines and procedures than having access to your own vehicle. The driving instructors role is to guide and manage the pupil, to achieve the highest standard of safety and skill without compromise. This allows the student to hone his skills and use the driving instructors time and knowledge more effectively. One of the great advantages of using this limited term insurance policy is that the parents, accompanying licensed holder, and or accompanying license holder will probably get a refresher course in good practice.

This policy allows the young learner driver with his provisional license to have access to many hours of useful practice in preparation of his practical driving test. It is a cheap car insurance for learner drivers with many benefits and makes good financial sense.

To really use this facility, car insurance for learner drivers, effectively, the instructor can design his course to best benefit the practice facility this Learner Driver Insurance policy offers the provisional license holder and include a homework practice session. There is no substitute for practice and experience if the Learner Driver keeps to the procedures and safety checks that he has been taught by the Instructor. Any good instructor would welcome the fact that his Learner driver has a facility to practice.

But, practice bad habits and the Learner Driver will spend many more hours with the instructor being taught the correct procedures.

Q: Does the age of provisional license holder matter? Ie. Are there any age limits on the policy?
A: No. any pupil with a valid provisional licence can get cover regardless of their age.

Q: Am I eligible for this insurance for learner drivers if I live in Northern Ireland?
A: Yes. The cheap learner driver car insurance cover is available for the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands

The short term car insurance for learner drivers Policy.
Q. What is the term or period that I have to take out the Learner Drivers Insurance Policy.
A: The term car insurance for learner drivers is a bespoke policy for the learner driver and allows him to manage in the finest detail online the car learner insurance policy.
Pupils can take out car insurance for a learner driver weekly or four weekly (subject to a minimum initial period of four weeks) on a fully comprehensive basis in all areas of the Country as and when they need it. This Learner Driver insurance policy is available throughout the United Kingdom (UK)


As insurance costs are higher - flexible, affordable cover is paramount for learner drivers. We have taken into account the fact that the vehicle may not be used all year round due to other commitments and being away from home and have also considered that there are times when money is tight. The policy holder can simply opt not to insure their vehicle and use some other means of transport or arrange car shares with their friends or family.

Who owns the Vehicle?
Q: Do I the Provisional License Holder have to own the Vehicle I wish to ensure?
A: The policyholder (insured learner driver)does not need to own the vehicle - car insurance for learners means he or she can drive a relative or friends vehicle without having to make changes to the owners insurance cover or prejudicing the vehicle owners no claims bonus in the event of an accident whilst the insured provisional license holder is driving.

Q: What happens in the event of a claim?
A: No-one wants to spend hours completing a claim form following the trauma of an accident. In view of this the car insurance for provisional license holders includes the services of a claims handling company. All you need to do following an accident is ring the number provided under your Learner Drivers Insurance policy.
The cheap car insurance for provisional license holders policy offers an excellent claims management service and the quicker you report your claim under your Learner Drivers Insurance Policy the more cost effective their service will be, thus keeping insurance premiums low for you and the industry as a whole. This then enables us to offer this cheap comprehensive car insurance for learner drivers with an excellent support organisation.

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Learner driver insurance banner

Carcaptain learner driver insurance is a facility we provide so that our pupils can have preferential access to cheap Provisional driver insurance which offers flexible time periods designed around availability. Any practice, provided you keep to the principles that your instructor has taught you will be beneficial and help you pass the test.

We are often asked "can a 'learner driver' drive without insurance?" the simple and quick answer to that is that no person is legally allowed to to drive on public roads without the appropriate insurance cover.

Our policy does offer cheap car insurance Ireland provisional license.
We believe that our recommended learner driver insurance is the best car insurance for provisional license holders.

The insurance cost provisional licence can be as low as £22.50 per week. You can elect to extend or limit the time period that you take out the insurance, on a week term basis. Thus you can have 1 (one) weeks policy cover or do it on a monthly basis. The term is measured in days but the smallest conglomerate is 7 days, the policy is taken out in terms of multiples of 7 days (weekly).
ie. Terms - 7 days - one week
14 days - two weeks
28 days - 4 weeks .... and so on.

Once you have received your provisional license the question "Do learner drivers need to be insured on a vehicle to practice?" will be foremost in your mind. The answer is that any and all drivers operating a vehicle on public roads must have adequate insurance cover.

The provisional license holder s policy is not an insurance any license driver can drive type of policy and it is limited to Learner drivers.

This short term car insurance for Learner Drivers is easily managed and adjusted on a when you need it basis. Really equating to a Pay and Go learner driver insurance policy! or may be defined as a Pay as you Go 'learner driver insurance policy!

"How to get cheap car insurance for son learning to drive?" ~ The Provisional License holders (Learner drivers insurance) policy is the perfect answer to this question.

The learner driver insurance policy ( provisional drivers insurance,
provisional license insurance) is a quick and easy way to get the new learner driver who has just turned 17 on the road. We advise that all learners should first get DSA approved instructors tuition before they start their driving.

The following questions; "do I need short term car insurance for provisional driving licence?" and "Where do I find short term insurance for learner drivers?" and "Can I get short term insurance as a provisional licence holder?" and "Can a learner drive a car with fully comprehensive insurance?" are all answered in the positive if you make use of the learner driver insurance policy we are recommending.

When faced with the question "Can a learner driver drive a fully comprehensive parent's car?" the answer is "No!, unless he has been added to the policy" please refer to the original policy holder if you wish to go down this route and bookmark this page as you will be needing it after you have spoken to your original policy holder.

When asked "Can you drive a car on a provisional licence with no insurence?" The answer is no you cannot unless you have obtained our car insurance for provisional licence holders. Our car insurance for provisional license holder is cheap provisional insurance and will provide the individual with comprehensive learner driver car insurance for the short term that they require it. Remember that the learner driver must be supervised in accordance with the regulations.

The cost of adding a driver with provisional license to insurance is normally exorbitant and and this policy will give you cover.

Q ~ "Do I need insurance for a provisional license?"
Q ~ "Do I need insurance provisional license holder?"

A ~ Yes you need to be insured and please do not forget you need to have qualified supervision in the car with you when you are practicing. Rules for Learner Drivers Learning to drive

Q ~ Does this insurance fall under Driving comprehensive provisional insurance?" Rules for Learner Drivers Learning to drive

A ~ Yes it does and as per above you must be under supervision as per the legal requirements. Extract at the bottom of this page.

Q ~ When I am driving with provisional insurance but no license, how does a young driver get insured?

A ~ You can get our Learner Driver Insurance Policy for Provisional License holders.

Q ~ "How to add an provisional driver to your car insurance?"

A ~ Adding a provisional driver to your car insurance could be an extremely costly process and our Stand alone (Free Standing) ~ Learner Drivers Insurance policy could be a very viable alternative.

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Learner driver insurance banner

The below terms are directly as published by DirectGov.

Rules for learner drivers

Before you start to drive, you must:

  • hold a valid, provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland
  • make sure that any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured

It is important to learn safe driving practice from the beginning of your driving career because bad habits are hard to break.

It is unlikely that anyone except an approved driving instructor (ADI) would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly. Learning safe driving habits from the start will improve the safety of yourself and other road users.

If you want to practice your driving with an accompanying driver, the accompanying driver must be over the age of 21 and must have held (and still hold) a full licence, in the relevant vehicle category, for three years.

As a learner driver you must display 'L' plates ('L' or 'D' plates in Wales) in a conspicuous position on the front and rear of the vehicle you are driving. Rule for Learner drivers.

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