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Vehicle safety check affecting driving tests using a Renault Clio ll / Campus

There is concern over a faulty bonnet catch on the Renault Clio ll / Campus. This affects driving tests from the morning of Thursday 3 May 2007. Vehicles listed below are not subject to a recall – however the candidate is required to provide evidence from the dealer showing that the vehicle has been checked.

Renault Clio ll / Campus.


Eco-safe driving’ and the Environment - Changes to the ADI Test of Driving Ability.

Direct from the DSA--

We all recognise that transport is an essential part of our lives and most of us also recognise that the environmental consequences of driving are immense. The emissions produced by vehicles cause damage to the environment. Vehicle manufacturers are devoting time, effort and money developing technology that will ensure that vehicles become more environmentally friendly.

But those of us who drive can also help by amending our driving style to one that uses less fuel, and as a result produces less polluting chemicals. And of course the less fuel we use the more money we can save ourselves!

Over the last year or so Driving Standards Agency has invested a great deal of time and effort in developing the principles of ’Eco-safe driving’. During the process we looked at the following areas, and these have now been included in the revised style of driving:-

  • Enhanced hazard perception and awareness skills
  • Selective use of gears
  • Progressive use of accelerator
  • Compliance with speed limits
  • Utilisation of engine braking/torque
  • Use of cruise control

To enable this work to progress we installed a sophisticated fuel monitoring device in several vehicles which allowed us to monitor and compare fuel used when a variety of driving styles were used by different drivers.

We also considered other issues such as:-

  • Parking
  • Carrying unnecessary weight
  • Route planning
  • etc

The recently published version of ‘Driving – the essential skills’ has an entire chapter on ‘Eco-safe driving’ and you will find much more information there. There is also a chapter on ‘Avoiding congestion’.

You may already use some of the techniques when you are driving, but we found that even the most experienced driver can benefit from further development.

If you adopt your driving to include these changes you will become a more environmentally friendly, economically aware driver and may enjoy your journeys more as they become less stressful and more comfortable.

However, although it is good to be aware of environmental issues and save fuel it is even more important that you do not compromise your safety and that of other road users while you are doing so. At all times you should be prepared to adapt to changing conditions and it may be that you have to sacrifice fuel saving for safety.

We have conducted a number of trials of this revised style using drivers of different levels of experience, ranging from novices to experts. Across that range we have demonstrated that savings can be achieved between 5% and 17%, (averaging 8.5%) in fuel used, and as a consequence a reduction in the volume of atmosphere polluting chemicals produced. As a general rule of thumb it is fair to say that the less experienced drivers are able to demonstrate greater savings.

In an attempt to allow a wider audience to experience ‘Eco-safe driving’ we invited a number of representatives from the ADI Consultative Groups to Cardington.

Following that, Mike Barrett, Business Development Manager, Automobile Association, said ‘A number of instructors have already adapted to this style, in their own driving, and report substantial savings in reduced fuel costs’. Eddie Barnaville, Driving Instructors Association, reported in an article in ‘Driving Instructor’, ‘Over the 16km drive on the 2nd run, not only did I average 2 or 3 mph faster, saving one and half minutes, but more importantly I saved 10% on my fuel bill’.

It is probably fair to say that some representatives arrived to take part in the demonstration with a cynical view of ‘Eco-safe driving’. But by the end of the day they had been converted and in all cases were able to show a saving in fuel used.

The EU 3rd Directive on Driving Licences, (Draft), contains a proposal that all licence acquisition driving tests, (excluding category B) will contain an element that considers the environmental driving of the candidate. Although category B is currently excluded, there is no guarantee that this will remain so and we should all be prepared for what may happen in the future.

Ultimately we would like to see all driving instructors taking on board the principles of ‘Eco-safe driving’ and introducing them into new-driver training. This should lead to a group of drivers who from day-one drive in an environmentally friendly way.

Approved Driving Instructors Register – Test of Driving Ability – Part 2

Therefore, as from 1st October 2005, a slight change will be made to the Approved Driving Instructor ‘Test of Driving Ability’ (part 2) qualifying examination, to reflect the increased awareness and need for economically/environmentally friendly driving. An assessment will be made of the candidates’ ability to drive in a way that demonstrates recognition of the principles of ‘Eco-safe driving’.

The following table sets out the areas of the candidates driving which will be considered against ‘Eco-safe driving’ and what will be considered satisfactory or unsatisfactory.




Hazard Awareness/


Identifies hazards in a timely manner

allowing adequate time to respond.

As a result braking and acceleration

are smooth and progressive.

Consistently fails to identify hazards in a timely

manner and as a result braking and acceleration

is rushed and harsh.

Compliance with

Speed limits

Complies with all posted and national

speed limits. Ensures that speed is

always appropriate to road, traffic and

weather conditions.

Consistently fails to comply with posted and

national speed limits. Drives too quickly for

prevailing road, traffic and weather conditions.

Starting and moving away

Starts engine without excessive use

of accelerator. Moves away from stops smoothly.

Consistently uses excessive accelerator when starting engine. Moves away from stops harshly – too quickly for conditions

Use of accelerator

Uses the accelerator during in normal driving in a smooth manner, co-ordinated with other controls. Demonstrates good acceleration sense.

Consistently uses the accelerator during normal driving harshly. As a result progress is made in such a way as to produce an uncomfortable ride. The stability of the vehicle is affected

Gear selection

Uses gears sensibly and efficiently. The vehicle is always travelling in an appropriate gear for road and traffic conditions. Uses gears selectively (up and down) and selects highest suitable gear as soon as possible, without causing engine to labour.

Consistently fails to use gears effectively and efficiently. Selects inappropriate gears and does not use selective gear selection. Causes engine to over rev or labour due to inappropriate selection.

Engine braking

Takes advantage of the effects of engine braking when appropriate.

Consistently fails to use engine braking – showing an over-reliance on brakes to slow the vehicle.

Engine power/torque

Takes advantage of the power/torque characteristics of a modern engine. Utilizes higher gears at lower engine speeds, when negotiating hazards, without causing engine to labour.

Consistently fails to take advantage of power/torque characteristics of a modern engine. Uses lower gears unnecessarily, not recognizing, when negotiating hazards, that a higher gear may be appropriate.

Use of cruise control (when fitted)

Uses cruise control in situations where it would be appropriate – without compromising road safety.

Consistently fails to use cruise control appropriately.

A driver who demonstrates a ‘satisfactory’ assessment in each topic area will use less fuel, and release less polluting chemicals into the atmosphere, than a driver who drives to an ‘unsatisfactory’ standard.

At the moment it is proposed that no matter how ‘unsatisfactory’ the ‘Eco-safe driving’ of the candidate is, no more than one driving fault will be recorded against that heading. This will be reviewed as time goes by. However, although a fault will not necessarily be recorded against ‘Eco-safe driving’ it may be that a fault, assessed as ‘driving’, ‘serious’ or ‘dangerous’, could be recorded against a different subject heading on the ADI Part 2 Driving Test Report, i.e. item 12 Control – gears, item 26 Awareness/planning.

Initially, any fault recorded against ‘Eco-safe driving’ will be marked in one of the spare boxes on Form DL 25, with the examiner entering a manuscript descriptor.

Four New Instructors have Joined and they will maily cover the Wwoodford and Woodford Green area spilling over into Chingford.

Buckhurst Hill
Chigwell Row
Grange Hill
Hale End
Highams Park
South Woodford
Woodford Bridge
Woodford Green

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Barkingside, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Chigwell Row, Chingford, Grange Hill, Hale End, Highams Park, Lanstead, Leytonstone, South Woodford, Walthamstow, Wanstead, Woodford, Woodford Bridge, Woodford Green

Areas That we cover:

~ Barkingside,
~ Buckhurst Hill,
~ Chigwell,
~ Chigwell Row,
~ Chingford,
~ Grange Hill,
~ Hale End,
~ Highams Park,
~ Lanstead,
~ Leytonstone,
~ South Woodford,
~ Walthamstow,
~ Wanstead,
~ Woodford,
~ Woodford Bridge,
~ Woodford Green.

Aspects and Courses covered by Carcaptain Driving Schools:

Driving lessons as and when you like to take them,
Assistance in obtaining the correct inforamtion fro your driving licence,
Multipupose driving school,
Booking your driving test,
Help with your driving theory,
Practical material required book driving test,
All aspects of driver training,
In short drivers ed,
Quick easy and cheap driving course,
Short and long driving courses,
Registered driving instructor,
Motivated driving instructors,
Your freedom is in the driving license,
Driving schools in Woodford,
Driving tests close to Woodford Green,
DVD and CD set for your driving theory test,
intensive driving Crash Course,
intensive driving courses in and around Epping Forest.
Practical driving test mockup on the test routes,
Driver ed and facilities for studying,
Drivers licence for manual and Automatic cars,
Conversion of your American drivers license, Driving age is set at 17 Currently in the UK,
We also provide driving instructor training,
Full one on one driving lesson,
DSA approved driving licences tuition,
Driving training to the highest standard,
Driving tuition in modern and new cars,
Intensive driving course requires stamina and dedication,
Intensive driving lessons are given in the aereas listed below,
Let us convert your international driving licence, by taking you through the learner driver phase with an effective and quick crash course driving lessons,
Our driving instruction and the driving instructions given will bring you that much closer to getting your driving licenses.
Remember it is your resposiblity to ensure you keep your driving liscence.
The driving permit can be lost by carelessly driving above the speed restrictions in force.
An international driving license is only valid for one year in the UK then it has to be replaced by a UK license for the class of vehicle you wish to use. Automatic or Manual.
Not all international driving permit for the driving classes are valid here, if you have any questions in this regard be sure to contact the DVLA.
You may also consult one of our driving school instructor in this regard.
The crash course is a very effective way of learning to drive.
You will need to study the hazard perception and highway code to pass your theory test.
We can offer you an intensive course which will include the theory and Hazard perception through our school of motoring intensive and Crash course lessons.

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Areas we cover:

Chelmsford Driving School

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Loughton Driving School

Basildon Driving School

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Layman's Highway Code: LMHWC

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Content Progress:

Our Courses are designed and tailored for all levels of students who will progress from the Defensive driving phase to Students who can put into practice the skills taught using responsive driving techniques.

Getting Mobile ~ Free yourself go when and where you want. ~ The Driving school in your area.

Learning to drive is like learning to walk; everyone wants to do it but not everyone does it in the same time. Here at CarCaptain driving schools we aim to help you learn and enable you to drive at your own pace, we realise that some people are faster or more confident learners than others. CarCaptain Driving schools East London and Essex, Chelmsford and surrounding area, have a number of quality experienced driving instructors to help you on every step of the way when working to achieve your driving licence. Learners with an existing knowledge of the road may prefer to partake in our intensive driving course (Crash Course) London which differs from our regular driving lessons (Automatic and Manual driving lessons) as it takes place every day over a short period of time over a number of hours, participants usually take a fixed amount of time off work or away from their studies in order to complete this course. We have combined experience of over 25 years in helping people to drive, by proving driving lessons in automatic and manual cars ~ normal daily lessons or intensive and crash courses, and operate predominantly around the North and East London area and Essex borders. Please check our website for an extensive list of areas that we cover, from Southend to driving lessons Hornchurch we are sure we have the right solution for you. Another point to mention is that if English is not your first language or you’d prefer to receive instruction in another language, we have a number of bilingual and multilingual options available, please call us or check our website for further details. We also have male female and other instructors, varied flavours religions and just plain people who are there to help.

PS. We pride ourselves in the fact that if cant be done, we will find a way to do it. ~ Just Call and ask.

A Real Sense Of Freedom (Command the Road)

Having and operating your own transport puts you in control of your agenda and makes you keeper of your own time, people who have recently switched from public transport to operating their own vehicle comment on a new sense of freedom and independence gained as well as the added convenience. CarCaptain driving schools and driving schools East London and Essex aim to make this happen for you and provide a release from your public transport prison! The number of lessons needed in order to pass the test and attain your driving licence really does vary from person to person, as previously mentioned some people might find that they benefit more from our intensive driving course and courses (Crash Course) London program in contrast to learning over an extended period of weeks and months. We aim to provide you with all the options available and organise lessons and the test according to your busy schedule, driving lessons Hornchurch and CarCaptain driving schools pride themselves not only on their knowledge base and there dedicated instructors but on the options, flexibility and customer service that they provide to the learner. In addition to providing you with the quality instruction needed to pass the practical side of the test, we also provide ongoing information on how to pass the theory aspect of the testing procedure, many of the questions are common sense that you will have picked up during the course of your lessons, if you require some additional tips and hints we can provide informative literature and multimedia information for your convenience and ease of learning.

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There are many driving schools in the market that claim to provide quality instruction by quality instructors; this is not always the case. Do not be taken in by a high end glossy brochure or flashy website, anyone can be produce these items, it is always best to call the driving schools East London and gauge they’re credentials, decent and reputable firms such as carCaptain driving instructors will be able to set your mind at rest and perhaps provide references of previously satisfied customers. Any driving schools who refuse point blank to consider your request should be treated with suspicion as you will probably think to yourself, why? As previously mentioned not only do we provide a multitude of options for the learner including intensive driving course London and theory test assistance, we also have a multi cultural approach to our business which aims to incorporate and attract all members of the community. We also operate a special offers directive which aims to offer a different special offer each month, for instance 10 driving lessons at a reduced rate or a specific offer relating to a certain area such as a discount for all intensive courses booked through driving lessons Chelmsford, Hornchurch ~ Essex and East London. To conclude, we are sure we have the correct combination of instruction, location and price to suit your own learning agenda or specification, if there is anything you feel we have missed or something we could offer, please tell us. Call now on 0800 8600 186.

CarCaptain driving schools you’re one stop shop when learning to drive.


These are the courses we offer:

driving crash course Chelmsford,
driving courses Chelmsford and Essex,
intensive driving courses Chelmsford,
intensive driving lessons Chelmsford and Essex,
driving course Chelmsford and Essex,
crash course Chelmsford,
intensive driving school Chelmsford and Essex,
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residential driving course Chelmsford,
crash course driving test Chelmsford,
crash course driving school Chelmsford,
crash course driving lesson Chelmsford,
car crash course Chelmsford,
residential driving course Chelmsford,
course crash driving lesson Chelmsford,
driving crash course Essex,
driving crash course residential Chelmsford,
intensive driving schools Essex.

Areas we teach in :

~ Basildon,
~ Benfleet,
~ Billericay,
~ Birchanger,
~ Boreham,
~ Braintree,
~ Brentwood,
~ Chelmsford,
~ Chipping Ongar,
~ Collier Row,
~ Grays,
~ Great Baddow,
~ Great Dunmow,
~ Hadleigh,
~ Harlow,
~ Harold Hill,
~ Hornchurch,
~ Hutton,
~ Langdon Hills,
~ Maldon,
~ Noak Bridge'
~ Pilgrams Hatch,
~ Pitsea,
~ Rayleigh,
~ Romford,
~ Shenfield,
~ South Ockendon,
~ Southend on Sea,
~ Tilbury,
~ Upminster,
~ Vange,
~ Wickford,
~ Witham,
~ Writtle,


Any of the following may be of interest to you. We have 14 Instructors who can work in the area.

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intensive driving course.