We have remote workers in the Carcaptain team working all over the globe. Our London office is recruiting in the East Coast of America or Canada to work remotely!

We are specifically looking for a Client Manager to start work at around 8am Eastern time up until 1pm to 2pm Eastern time in the USA.

It’s like being in our office in the UK, but sat in the comfort of your own home!


recruitment-canadarecruitment-usaWe provide all the software and training. There are remote workers on our staff that have worked for us that are based in Singapore, India, Namibia, Los Angeles and then some.

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  •  Need confirmation? – You are welcome to talk to any of our remote workers! We have had remote workers that have worked for us in excess of 4 years.
  • How do I get training for the job? We will train you in your home office remotely over the internet.
  • For more details on the work profile you can click here

We are looking to hire a friendly and hard-working individual who can be self motivated and dedicated to work with our Carcaptain team in the UK. We specifically want someone in the Eastern Coast of America or Canada, who will be available to work from around 12-6pm UK time, which will be early morning for you!

This is an ideal opportunity as it is half day and can be done from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a secure and good internet connection, commitment and a great attitude!

If this sounds like you, then Don’t delay! – Apply today for this position by filling in our online application form!

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