Why use Carcaptain's Advanced Driving Course Videos to save money, time and PASS your test easily and quickly?


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Know what are the three major elements you need to PASS your Driving Test.

The physical driving lessons (on the road) consists of two elements that take up the time used for the driving lesson. ( conventional driving lessons ) The first element is tuition given by the driving instructor to the pupil while the car is pulled up next to the side of the road. The second element is the actual driving experience while the car is moving or negotiating traffic junctions and roads. So, in essence, there is an element of learning the roadcraft, that is not covered in the theory test.

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Normally the driving instructor will systematically take the student through the roadcraft lesson before actually starting to practice the element covered in the roadcraft section. This normally takes up somewhere between 1/3 to half the physical driving time. Then, after having covered the specific section the driving instructor will put the student through their physical driving, applying the roadcraft just learned. A good instructor will try to keep the learning periods to a minimum and the physical driving experience time to a maximum. A better driving instructor will combine his driving lessons by giving the student a heads up coordinating the next lesson with the tutorial material that has been made available by Carcaptain for the student.

Unfortunately, there are many instructors that overdo the learning, sitting next to the road, instructing section of the roadcraft, thereby extending the hours that the student needs to spend in the car getting their driving course completed.

A well-taught student will have control over three essential elements by the time they are ready to pass their driving test.

Theory as covered by the Highway Code.

Those elements are all the regulatory theory as depicted within the Highway Code which will include road signs, road markings, junction layouts, traffic lights and many other elements that have been developed for safe road use.

RoadCraft Theory

The second element would be a thorough and complete knowledge of the roadcraft theory which is normally picked up from the driving instructor or may be taught in classrooms, as some driving schools do. We at Carcaptain believe that with the advance of technology the majority of this roadcraft can be taught by our video series. There are many advantages to doing it this way.

Go here to watch our RoadCraft Video Tutorials: https://ccadi.uk/Advanced-Driving-test-videos

The main reasons for doing the roadcraft by video include the capacity to revise and take your own time, making notes and studying this roadcraft at no extra expense to yourself. It is therefore not necessary to have a private driving instructor sitting teaching you when it has been made available on video.

Practical Driving experience and apply the RoadCraft learnt.

The third essential element is the physical application and interpretation of the roadcraft when you are behind the steering wheel, moving the car through the road jungle. Further, the driving instructor needs to help you apply the learnt roadcraft in accordance with the Highway Code in a safe and proper manner.

Go here to watch our RoadCraft Video Tutorials: https://ccadi.uk/Advanced-Driving-test-videos

The better the driver can bring these three elements together, the safer and better the driver will be.