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We love to share the success stories of our students! With many of our students passing first time, some with next to impossible ZERO minors and even some famous people passing through carcaptain – we are SUPER proud to share! We hope you enjoy browsing through these stories and we look forward to helping you in your driving journey!

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[toggle title=”Mohammed – Wanstead”]Mo just needed brush up lessons and a theory test. Carcaptain booked Mo’s theory test for 24th September, which he passed first time! He was offered a practical driving test for 29 September on the day he had passed his theory test! Meaning on the day he passed his theory test, our tat booking team got him a practical test almost straight away! Mo did his brush up lessons and passed his first test with Carcaptain. Well done!
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[toggle title=”Tim – Barking”]Tim started with a 15 hour course. He only wanted to start on the 22/09/2014 as he took time off from work. He passed his first test with us with only 5 minors! [/toggle] [/one-half] [one-half last] walloffame-firstime
[toggle title=”Matthew – Sutton”]Matthew had never taken a practical test and was looking to pass as soon as possible. He contacted us on the 18th of August to arrange an intensive driving course. We booked him in for a 30 hour course starting on the 1st of September. His test was booked for the 6th and he passed first time!! [/toggle] [/one-half]