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Woodford Driving School (also covering Chingford, Loughton and Chigwell)
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Woodford Driving School
  Manual hourly driving lessons
Automatic hourly driving lessons
Intensive driving courses
London based Driving School
Residential driving courses
Intensive Driving Lessons
Quick, easy and effective Driving l essons from DSA approved Instructors Trusted London and Essex Driving School.

What you can expect to receive from us:

  • Quality intensive (Crash course) driving instruction on a one on one basis (No other students in the Car)
  • Affordable driving lesson rates, good value for money
  • Lessons that begin on time
  • Profesional presentation and conduct
  • Motivated Driving Instructors that are all DSA approved
  • Reliable driving instruction that will culminate with a successful test
  • Good quality modern driving school car

The Areas Covered by our Instructors:
Barkingside Wanstead Chingford
Buckhurst Hill Leytonstone Grange Hill
Chigwell South Woodford Hale End
Chigwell Row Walthamstow Highams Park
Woodford Bridge Wanstead Woodford Green

There is a Chinese saying that goes "Every journey, even the longest, starts with the first step." You have to take the first step and then we can and will do our best to help you through the learning process.

Our commitment to you is that we will go with you there and back and then some!

Pointing at you

Aspects and Courses covered by Carcaptain Driving Schools;

Driving lessons as and when you like to take them,
Assistance in obtaining the correct information for your driving licence,
Multipurpose driving school,
Booking your driving test,
Help with your driving theory,
Practical material required book driving test,
All aspects of driver training,
In short drivers ed programme,
Quick easy ,but no short cuts, and cheap driving course,
Short and long driving courses,
Registered driving instructor,
Motivated driving instructors,
Your freedom is in the driving license,
Driving schools in Woodford,
Driving tests close to Woodford Green,
DVD and CD set for your driving theory test,
intensive driving Crash Course,
intensive driving courses in and around Epping Forest.
Practical driving test mockup on the test routes,
Driver ed and facilities for studying,
Drivers licence for manual and Automatic cars,
Conversion of your American drivers license, Driving age is set at 17 Currently in the UK,
We also provide driving instructor training,
Full one on one driving lesson,
DSA approved driving licences tuition,
Driving training to the highest standard,
Driving tuition in modern and new cars,
Intensive driving course requires stamina and dedication,
Intensive driving lessons are given in the areas listed below,
Let us convert your international driving licence, by taking you through the learner driver phase with an effective and quick crash course driving lessons,
Our driving instruction and the driving instructions given will bring you that much closer to getting your driving licenses.
Remember it is your responsibility to ensure you keep your driving liscence.
The driving permit can be lost by carelessly driving above the speed restrictions in force.
An international driving license is only valid for one year in the UK then it has to be replaced by a UK license for the class of vehicle you wish to use. Automatic or Manual.
Not all international driving permit for the driving classes are valid here, if you have any questions in this regard be sure to contact the DVLA.
You may also consult one of our driving school instructor in this regard.
The crash course is a very effective way of learning to drive.
You will need to study the hazard perception and highway code to pass your theory test.
We can offer you an intensive course which will include the theory and Hazard perception through our school of motoring intensive and Crash course lessons.

Why an Intensive (Crash) Driving Course and lessons rather than weekly driving lessons?

Our driving course and driving courses are presented on an intensive driving courses basis. It is always better to do an intensive driving course which includes an advanced driving courses driving lesson plan which will cover the defensive driving courses skills. Our crash driving courses can be presented as an intensive driving course London ,East London, Romford, Ilford or in Essex. The intensive driving courses London are run from Woodford station, South Woodford or Walthamstow central station. These driving courses are safe driving courses and will always benefit the learner driver in preparation for the practical driving test. Our driving schools do not only do intensive courses or intensive driving tuition, but we also do the driving crash course and driving crash courses through intensive driving lessons to be able to  do crash course driving lessons so that you may do a crash course driving test preparation. A crash course in driving lessons will not cause you a crash courses in driving with the operative word being crash or crashing the car. This is a bit of a misnoma but at the end of the driving course London and our driving courses London are represented by safe and effective well thought out and designed intense driving course lessons designed for the individual requirements of the student. Intense driving courses do not necessarily have to be residential driving courses which are done in a one week driving course. A week driving courses are intensive crash driving courses for those students who wish to complete there driving lessons in as short a time as possible. A one week intensive driving course will be of more benefit to you than the individual driving lessons being taken one at a time.

In the learning process the advanced driving course with its designed advanced driving lessons are driving courses in London or driving courses in Essex, or driving Courses in Woodford. If you opt for intense driving lessons our driving school in London will use the driving school instructor for an intensive driving courses in London and the surrounding area. The intensive driving test preparation and driving lessons offered by intensive driving schools can benefit the individual student because the driving course which is London or Essex based will be delivered by qualified DSA approved driving instructors from our intensive driving school personnel. It is important that when a student is in an intensive driving lesson that they are facilitated to complete there one week driving course with the least amount of fatigue. The London or Essex based driving instructor from our local driving school must make every effort that the one week driving courses are delivered at a suitable pase for the physical condition of the student.

The residential driving course can be taken on an away from home basis or the residential driving course can be taken on a travel to driving school area basis. These driving courses are normally based on the same curriculum as a week intensive driving course.

Week intensive driving courses remain the best way to learn and offer the least evaporation of knowledge but they can be tiring and hard work. 


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Driving Courses offered:

Manual Hourly Lessons

Automatic Hourly Lessons

Intensive crash courses

Fast track driving lessons

Residential Course on your doorstep

Intensive Test preperation Course

driving lessons

Variations of the Courses and
Lessons we can offer:

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5 day intensive driving course
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