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That's right, it's official!

Actress and internet sensation Amber Doig-Thorne is our summer competition WINNER!

She has already started her lessons and is loving every minute of her learning experience with us! She is super excited about her driving lessons and cannot believe that she's already driving.  You can check out what she had to say about her experience here.

Being a celebrity means very limited time, but with Carcaptain's clever and bespoke scheduling Amber is still right on track to gaining her license.

There will be some exciting footage and content to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks - so watch this space!

From video-logs of her lessons, to a brand new movie premier, all to follow!

So look out for Amber in her upcoming movies, she might just be driving a car...for real. You too can have a bespoke intensive course arranged here;

OR You could simply enter for the Christmas round of our FREE Intensive Driving Course here; Either way, we'll have you driving in no time! See for yourself what others have had to say; Trustpilot Reviews

Be sure to check out Amber on the following platforms;





Snapchat: @ambzdt

Christmas 2019 - FREE Intenisve Driving Course

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There is even more good news!

If you entered for the summer round of the competition you AUTOMATICALLY qualify for the Christmas competition.

The way we see it, you really can't lose with this one!