Instructor Training

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In order to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), a driver must prepare for a qualifying examination which is taken in three parts: theory, driving ability, and instructional ability. In order to become a driving instructor, all three parts of the examination must be completed in order.

Step 1 – Theory Test

The first of the three tests is the theory test (a multiple choice section and a video-based hazard perception section). This test covers road procedure; traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge; driving test, disabilities and the law; and publications and instructional techniques.

Step 2 – Practical Test

The second part is the driving ability test (an eyesight test followed by a practical test of driving technique). This will test a driver’s driving competence, including the ability to plan ahead, sticking to and reaching national speed limits.

Step 3 – Instructional Test

the final test is instructional ability, this test is divided in two and a driver will be asked to show their knowledge and ability by giving practical instruction to the examiner. This test assesses the quality of instruction and the ability to pass knowledge on to pupils.


Using our ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) qualified tutor, we can train a driver to become an ADI through our Driving Instructor Training. Once a driver has passed the ADI examination, they will then need to take subsequent ‘check tests’ in order to ensure that their instruction is up to standard. We can also provide refresher lessons and training for driving instructors who are going to take a ‘check test’. From April 2014, the DSA will be replacing the ‘check test’ with a new ‘standards check’ which will test instructors against the ‘National standard for driver and rider training’ criteria and assess whether the instruction given helps a person to learn in an effective way. This will be carried out an examiner sitting in on an instructor giving a normal lesson to a real pupil.

Using an ORDIT trainer guarantees that the training received will be at the standard necessary to pass the ADI examination. For anyone wishing to become a driving instructor, this course is a necessity.