Celebrity Reviews – Russell Brand

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. After beginning his career as a stand-up comedian and later becoming an MTV presenter, Brand first achieved renown in 2004 as the host of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a Big Brother spin-off.  Russell Edward

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Driving Instructor Show ~ 2019

Driving Instructor Show 19 May 2019 Hello, we hope you are doing well! It is officially time for the Driving Instructor Show 2019, and we’d really like to see you there! Come and say hello! Show times: Sunday 19th May, 9am – 3.15PM Venue: Kent Event CentreKent

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Back Seat Driver’s Licence

Carcaptain, Backseat Driver’s License. Do you qualify? If you think you qualify for having a backseat driver’s license you will need to be able to tick all the boxes below; do you have greater knowledge about driving than anyone else you know Are you good at directing

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Cheap Intensive Driving Course

Carcaptain intensive driving courses are offering a free intensive driving course which can result in you being a participant in getting your driving licence using your existing resources and contacts. Get Your cheap intensive driving course for FREE here. >> https://www.carcaptain.com/free-intensive-driving-course-summer-2019/ It is normal that anybody wanting

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Do Intensive Driving Courses Work

Remember to check out our £1,000 give away that you qualify for. Any and all project managers will tell you that setting goals and planning a strategy to achieve those goals within certain time periods will always give the most consistent and effective results. The major problem

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FREE – Intensive Driving Course – Summer 2019

Who qualifies for participation in this competition; Past Students can win £1,000.00 (one Thousand Pounds) (have passed their driving test already) Current Students can add this £1,000.00 allowance to their current course or status, when they pass their driving test the balance will be paid out in

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The Stick Shift is Dying!

With the advent of the electric cars in the form of Hybrids and full electric the stick shift is definitely coming to the end of its life. The technology shift away from the proverbial stick shift was already on the wall with all the advances that have

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Driving Lesson Gift Voucher

Driving Course Gift Voucher code: Your email address and this – “181225-Xmas-40137” This Gift Voucher Starter Pack you can use as a Gift this Christmas will only Cost you £9 but includes value in excess of £60.00. If you treat yourself we will give it to you for the price of

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Help us to Help You

Just fill in this simple and Quick form. Any queries just call us on 02033849032  (click to call) Be sure to check out our Full franchise which includes a BMW – F20 Sport one series fully loaded for only £137.00 ~ Cheapest driving Instructor Franchise that includes

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Testing 123

Contact CarCaptain LTD If you would like us to send you the direct email address of the management team here at CarCaptain so that you can send your enquiry and attachments, then please fill in the details below:

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