Why is a Client Manager important?

Why is a Client Manager so Important? Talk about a managed intensive driving course, designed in accordance with the requirements, skill set, deadlines and location of the student…now that should be the goal of any aspiring driver. With CarCaptain this is made easy! All you have to

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No Telephone Robots – Speak to a person

No Telephone Robots – Speak to a Person At Carcaptain if you call during normal working hours you will not be speaking to any telephone robots. We have made it our mission to speak to you personally and direct you to the appropriate client manager or department

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Go Electric

Go Electric Watch the best-selected videos on the topic at the bottom of this page and tell us what you think? Things in the car industry are going to be changing very fast. The government this week announced that they are going to stop the sale of

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Road Craft Video Series

Road Craft – Essential Advanced Driving Practices Why use Carcaptain’s Advanced Driving Course Videos to save money, time and PASS your test easily and quickly?   Link to our Advanced Road Craft Video Tutorials: https://ccadi.uk/Advanced-Driving-test-videos Know what are the three major elements you need to PASS your

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Peep and Creep

PEEP and CREEP So the one question that comes up most when it comes to the ‘peep and creep’ is 1) WHEN DO I USE IT?  and 2) WHAT MAKES IT WORK? First thing’s first, we use the peep and creep when your vision is restricted when

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HAPPY BREXIT – Did you know?

HAPPY BREXIT – Did you know? BREXIT Gift ~ Advanced Driving Course Video Series Congratulations on all and sundry in the United Kingdom. The future of this great country is now very much in all our hands. This advanced video course is our gift to everyone trying

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The Invisible Zebra Crossing

The Invisible Zebra Crossing Read all about Zebra crossings here: Full Tutorial on Zebra Crossings: https://www.carcaptain.com/invisible-zebra-crossing/    

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Get Your Theory Test OUT OF THE WAY

Book Your Theory Lessons & Test NOW! Passing your theory has never been this easy! We know, you have heard that before! Except we really mean it. Because WE GET IT! You study and study and study, and then you fail. OR you don’t understand what it

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Free Intensive Driving Course Christmas 2019 Rollover

Free Intensive Driving Course Christmas 2019 Rollover Why Rollover the Christmas 2019 competition? During this last quarter, as we approached the Christmas deadline for the closing of the competition on the evening of 24 December, there were still numerous affiliate’s who had not had the opportunity to

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FREE Intensive Driving Course – Competition History

FREE Intensive Driving Course – Competition History SEE OUR COMPETITION HISTORY WINNERS BELOW Click here for our latest competition running – Free Intensive Driving Course + £1,000 Cash or £2,000 Cash VIDEOS of our previous Winners. AMBER DOIG-THORNE Previous Winner First Time PASS – view more Videos

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