RoSPA Advanced Driving Course


Often, the standard training given to drivers is not enough. While those who take driving lessons will be able to pass their practical driving test and receive their drivers licence, this covers only the basics of driving. For those seeking to become advanced at driving, there is the RoSPA Advanced Driving Course. This course will allow a driver to become exceptionally experienced, and is more advanced that even the Pass Plus course offered by the DSA.

Those who complete this course are better observers and are more able to foresee changes in the environment surrounding them, and are therefore more able to deal with anything they may encounter while driving. Completion of this advanced course will enable a driver to control the speed and position of the car and to stop the car safely in any situation.

The main benefit of this course is that it would greatly reduce the risk of accidents on the road as it has been proven that advanced drivers are less likely to be involved in road traffic incidents. Added to this, advanced driving techniques teach drivers how to drive in a cost effective manner, meaning that fuel consumption is as low as possible. Control techniques taught in the course would also mean that driving will be smoother, which inevitably means that there is less wear and tear on the vehicle.

The course is open to anyone who holds a full driving licence. The training for this course is carried out by driving instructors who have passed the course themselves at a high grade in addition to being trained to instruct others for the test. As is required, they re-take their test every three years to make sure that advanced drivers are still up to standard. This a requirement for all who pass the advanced driving test. The test is graded Bronze, Silver or Gold. Our instructor has achieved a Gold Award in his advanced driving test, the highest award available (in 2012, out of the twelve thousand people who took the advanced test, only three hundred achieved a Gold Award).

The RoSPA advanced driving test is roughly 90 minutes in duration under the supervision of a RoSPA Examiner. These examiners are serving or retired members of the police force. The test would take place in the driver’s own car.

Completion of the course would automatically make you a member of RoADAR – RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – which comes with benefits such as discounts for Halfords and Diamondbrite (car body work and interior treatment), as well as free re-tests that are required every three years.

For those who are serious about driving to a high standard, this course is the way forward. The advanced driving test is acknowledged to be the most challenging test available to the public and is a sure-fire way of becoming a master of the art of driving.

RoSPA has over 50 local groups available to provide voluntary free advice and advanced training in preparation for your test. Some groups cater only for drivers, others for riders and some can cater for both! If you wish to start advanced driver training, please contact your local group. You will be asked to join the group, for which there will be a small fee to cover costs. This varies group to group, but may be as little as £20.

Once you have joined the group, training is FREE! The groups are formed of volunteers, so training often happens on weekends and evenings.
Groups have volunteer tutors; they have all passed the advanced test themselves at a high grade and have also been trained and assessed in order to meet the requirements to provide training for the advanced test. They also take retests every three years so you can be sure that you will receive a high level of training.

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