Video Tutorials

Turning Right Procedures and Priorities

Turning Right of a Major road onto a Minor road. :

How to check if your wheels or straight

Checking if your wheels are straight :

What is the difference between driving forward and driving backwards and how to reverse.

Learning how to reverse;

Pedestrian crossings

Various pedestrian crossings and how to deal with them;

Turn in the Road ( 3 point turn)

How to do the three-point turn ;

Left reverse on the corner, reversing into a side road to turn the car around.

Drive forward pull up on the left just past the junction and then reverse into the road ahead 3 to 4 car lengths;

Reverse Bay Park manoeuvre.

How to do the reverse Bay Park manoeuvre;

Turning right from a major road. Various aspects of road positioning to be able to turn right from the major road into a minor road.

Turning right, how to obtain the correct road position;

Parallel Park with The Toyota Yaris using the reversing camera for points of reference.

Parallel Park;

Roundabouts, Complete Tutorial covering Roundabouts, Mini, Open and Closed Roundabouts.

How to deal with Roundabouts :

Moving Off and Stopping, pulling up on the left. Automatic car.

Moving off and Stopping. :