With great sadness, Carcaptain Limited is 'parking up'.
We thank our clients for their support over the past 12 years.
After the Covid-induced closure of March 2020, Carcaptain Limited has not been in a position to become operational.
Should you wish to speak to someone regarding the closure of Carcaptain Limited, you can contact Forbes Burton Limited, who has been instructed to handle the matter. The point of contact from here onwards is Natasha Blyth and you can contact her directly by email: Natasha.blyth@forbesburton.com.

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Weekly updates on the newest people passing with CarCaptain and their success stories! Great way to see the great results we are getting on a daily basis with our driving lessons. intensive driving courses and much more. Have a great read, watch the videos and listen to what the clients have to say! Click Here

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For Car Captain services in and around the Croydon/South West London area. Our fantastic team will be able to take you one step at a time to passing your driving test with driving lessons, driving courses, guaranteed PASS courses, and even preparation for theory and practical tests. For more information please Click Here

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Carcaptain is a great option for potential franchisees looking to invest into a well established,  professional driving school. Our driving school operates within the UK and though expanding and branching out, we pride ourselves in the same level of support and professional driving tuition to our local instructors, no matter where you are. For more information Click Here.