The compete tutorial on Roundabouts

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In this video we go over: Roundabouts, Complete Tutorial covering Roundabouts, Mini, Open and Closed Roundabouts. To give you the most comprehensive understanding of roundabouts.

Set your mirrors up correctly

In this video we go over how you can fix your mirror adjustment, so that they cover your blind-spots properly.

Peep and Creep

The principal of Peep and Creep can be widely used but is not very often understood. Here we include a full explanation of the Peep and Creep procedure.

Turning Right Procedures and Priorities

In this video we discuss turning Right of a Major road onto a Minor road.

Checking your wheels are straight

We look into checking if your wheels are strait, while you are in the car. This is typically used during a manoeuvre.

Driving backwards how to steer while reversing

We explain the difference between driving forward and driving backwards, discussing how to steer when reversing. With the technical aspects of how and why steering affects the car when you are reversing in comparison to driving forward.

Pedestrian crossings

There are various pedestrian crossings, and you need to know how to deal with them.

The 3 point turn

Turning in the road can be challenging, so in this video we explain how to do the three-point turn.

Left reverse on the corner

Left reverse on the corner, reversing into a side road to turn the car around. Though these are no longer required in the driving test, it's a vital skill that all drivers should have. In this video we go over how to do this.

The Reverse Bay Park manoeuvre

Here we explain how to do the reverse Bay Park manoeuvre.

Turning right from a major road

There are various aspects of road positioning to be able to turn right from the major road into a minor road, here we discuss these to help you obtain the correct road positioning.

Parallel Parking with the reversing camera

Here we explain how to Parallel Park with The Toyota Yaris using the reversing camera, using points of reference.

Moving Off and Stopping

Here we go over moving off and Stopping, pulling up on the left in a automatic car.

Car Controls

In this video we explain your cars controls, where they are, what they do and how to use them.

Mini Roundabouts - Shielding

Here we go over shielding on Mini-roundabouts with a quick review on how priority is affected by shielding.

Checking your indicators are working

Through this video we explain how to check if your indicators are working.

Signalling and Roundabouts

In this simple review about signalling on Roundabouts, we explain different reasons for signalling on roundabouts.

The Left corner reverse

In this video we go over how to use the image of the car in the mirror to guide you around the corner.

The Bay Park

Here we discuss the bay Park, providing just another method that works.

The Parallel Park

Here we demonstrate a method to parallel park.

Bay Park Demonstration

Here we provide a demonstration of a Bay park.

Parallel Park Demonstration

Here we provide a demonstration of a parallel park.