Carcaptain intensive driving courses are offering a free intensive driving course which can result in you being a participant in getting your driving licence using your existing resources and contacts.

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It is normal that anybody wanting to learn to drive would want to do it as cheaply as possible. If one can get your intensive driving course for free, namely a free intensive driving course, then that has to be the cheapest intensive driving course that there is. However, it is not in the nature of human beings to do hours of driving tuition at the expense of the driving instructor. The cost is not only in the time that it takes the driving instructor but while he is doing your cheap, free intensive driving course there are further direct costs associated in doing this work for free.

The expenses, costs, are ticking away in the ownership of the vehicle that is to be used for the cheap intensive driving course and also accumulate as a result of the direct costs associated with running the vehicle. There are charges such as insurance, road tax, devaluation and fuels and oil.

Gaga now has a licence

Some while back Carcaptain gave away a free intensive driving course to Georgia through a promotion which she ran. When we did this competition we had a similar structure to the 2019 summer free intensive driving course that we are offering this year. Anyone interested could sign up and then run their own promotional campaigns with unique identifiers. The result was that Georgia won a free intensive driving course from the campaigns that she promoted amongst her

Carcaptain has now modified the summer 2019 competition to make it possible for anyone to participate whether they are wanting to do an intensive driving course or because they have the experience and confidence of having done a driving course with ourselves. Over the course of the 13 years that Carcaptain has been doing intensive driving courses and guaranteed pass intensive driving courses we have had some 20,000 students through our books.

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So if you as a new learner driver are looking for a cheap intensive driving course for a beginner then being able to get your intensive driving course for free would be very advantageous. All you need to do is to sign up for our promotion scheme and then, tweet, Instagram or Facebook our information and promotional material amongst your friends. Our unique and advanced tracking software will keep a record of the interactive social promotions that you are instigating and participating in. Anyone with a social media account, following, can participate and thereby be rewarded a cheap intensive driving course, free.