Carcaptain driving schools – Mission statement and code of practice.

The purpose of Carcaptain driving schools is to provide high-quality driver education in combination
with unrivalled customer service. Our ethos is honesty and openness.

  • We will distinguish ourselves from the competitors by providing excellent and unrivalled customer
  • The office staff will endeavour to answer all customer calls personally between 10
    AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday.
  • Instructors will endeavour to arrive at the appointed lesson time on time. If an instructor
    arrives late he will offer an apology, if the cumulative time of late arrivals in aggregate
    exceed 30 minutes the student will be entitled to claim the aggregate late arrivals
    in extra hours of tuition. The client also needs to give the instructor 48hrs prior
    notice of cancellation of any lessons, if inadequate notice of cancellation is given the
    student risks being charged for the lessons (This is at the instructors discretion.)
  • Instructors will offer an interactive recap of the previous lesson to set the baseline for
    current tuition.
  • Instructors will clearly state the aims and objectives for the current lesson so that the
    pupil is in no doubt as to the purpose of the lesson and what they are trying to achieve
    from the session at hand.
  • Instructors will teach in a non-confrontational manner with due regard to the student’s
  • Instructors will offer feedback and encouragement linked to specific areas of development.
  • Instructors will interactively summarise the lesson so the pupil is fully aware of
    strengths and weaknesses and whether the objective was achieved.
  • Instructors will refrain from taking or making phone calls when teaching.
  • Instructors will endeavour to reply to text messages and calls from the customers as
    soon as possible and at the very least the same day.
  • Instructors will keep clear and accurate timekeeping records of each and every session
    with the student.
  • Instructors will provide one on one tuition.
  • Instructors will keep tuition vehicles in a clean and tidy condition that reflects the
    branding and professional image of Carcaptain driving schools.
  • Instructors will ensure that personal hygiene is of the highest order including body
    odour and bad (coffee/cigarette) breath is avoided.
  • Carcaptain will ensure that customers receive clear and accurate pricing structures,
    ensuring that proper accounting procedures are recorded and followed at all times.
  • Please call the office if you need any further clarification. The mission statement as depicted here is an objective and not a contractual document for the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between student and client please see our terms and conditions as detailed here:
  • If you the client or the instructor have any queries or are experiencing any difficulties please feel free to contact the management team at Carcaptain who will always be available to help where ever possible.
  • Carcaptain’s EMERGENCY after hours contact information can be found here.