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Any and all project managers will tell you that setting goals and planning a strategy to achieve those goals within certain time periods will always give the most consistent and effective results. The major problem however for the individual involved in the planning of the project at hand is the lack of knowledge around the subject matter and the technical problems associated with the individual project. This is where Carcaptain with their expert knowledge and support structures can help the learner driver get their driving licence in the shortest possible time.

An intensive fast track driving course is much more effective than doing dubious lessons on a never-ending cycle. If your objective is to get a driving lesson from the driving instructor he is quite happy to give you a driving lesson, the problem however is that if you or he have not set an objective finite time period to the learning to drive process it will simply turn into repetitive lessons that will not result in you obtaining your driving licence. (Next Year you will have another new year resolution to do more driving lessons .. And all the subsequent years)

there is absolutely no doubt that the intensive driving course really works. When Carcaptain started in the industry we soon realised, because of the inherent way of doing things in the past, the driving tuition process was very flawed. The main reason for this was that the average driving instructor was interested in giving driving lessons. Although this sounds great and correct it does not work efficiently, or is it an effective way of learning to drive. We are very often approached by students who have been attempting at getting themselves prepared to do the driving test over periods of time that exceed 5 years. Often, there is a sudden urge to do driving lessons, but if the student does not have an effectively planned and coordinated driving course he will simply end up with some more driving lessons.

However, if the student realistically does an assessment of their current driving status and capabilities, contact Carcaptain for a full consultation and evaluation, and then in conjunction with their individual restraints we plan an intensive driving course with all the project milestones and tests in place the results are astoundingly consistent. Carcaptain has been doing intensive driving courses since 2005 and our goal and ethos has always been to align ourselves with the requests and objectives of our students. Once our administrative, client managers, instructors and management will do everything they possibly can to achieve the clients objective. Our are numerous reviews and company credibility are testimony to this.

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It is a really simple process to get started on your path to obtaining your driving licence. You simply need to contact us, give us accurate and realistic information about your driving experience and level of tuition and we along with you the student will plan and arrange a suitably designed process for you to obtain your driving licence in the shortest possible time.