Intensive Driving Course London
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Driving Courses

Driving Courses

As driving lessons don’t work for everyone, we also offer a variety of driving courses. From designing your own intensive driving course around your schedule, to our guaranteed PASS course, we have the driving course to suit you and get you that driving license!
Design Your Own Intensive Course
design-your-ownCar Captain specialises in designing an intensive course in accordance with your scheduled ability and requirements. The first decision you have to make is whether or not you want an intensive course which will put you onto a proven fast track system to  obtaining your driving license … Read More


Intensive Driving Courses
intensive-coursesFlexibility is key when taking an intensive driving course;  this is why our courses are flexible and built around your needs giving you the best opportunity for you to pass your test at the end of the course … Read More



Guaranteed PASS Course
guaranteed-passThis bespoke course, namely the Guaranteed Pass Fast Track intensive driving course, has to be the ultimate intensive driving course that can be offered by any intensive driving courses driving school. This is our premium product and ultimately the cheapest solution for anybody who is learning to drive … Read More


Residential Driving Courses
residentialIf you’re looking for a quick and easy way to learn how to drive, then an residential driving course with accommodation can help you learn in a safe, controlled environment. Our courses are taken in the beautiful outskirts of the city also offering you a chance to learn in a hassle free environment away from  the congested traffic of the inner cities … Read More


5 Day Intensive Driving Courses
5-day-passTake our 5 day intensive driving course custom designed according to your requirements, followed by a practical test booked for the end of your course. The course will take place over the four days prior to your test which is booked according to your requirements, for the fifth day. Your 5 day intensive driving course can be booked for next week! … Read More


Disabled Driving Courses
disabled-courseOur disabled driving course gives the special attention needed to suit the individual needs and requirements of those with various different kinds of disabilities. We can offer assistance with the customized design of your car to take advantage of your unique talents and cater for your special requirements … Read More