Instructor Gerry completed TG'S lessons to her schedule. All worth it TG, well done with your pass and well done Gerry. 

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Having done lessons and tests before, Peter enrolled on a Guaranteed Pass course, as he had started his own business, making a driving licence key! Due to work commitments, which resulted in reduced lessons times, Peter had to re-allocate his instructor, voiding his Guaranteed Pass contract. Instructor Gerry took Peter's course over, doing lessons as and when Peter had time available off work. All worked will for Peter, he passed on his first attempt and and gets cash back on conversion of his Guaranteed Pass course into a normal course! A win / win situation! Well done Gerry, Peter.

Vinay was a new driver and started off a 28 hours. He had quite a busy schedule and booked his course for when he is back in the UK. He progressed well and was unsuccessful on his first test with one small mistake. We rebooked his test and he passed with a huge smile on his face.