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Firstly whether you are an established driver or learning to drive do yourself a favor by using our free, highly acclaimed, video that is available on U-Tube about Roundabouts. Test your knowledge and see first if you truly know how many directional signals there are? 

The knowledge in this video is a must for any driver. https://www.carcaptain.com/Roundabouts     – did you pass the test??? We would love to know? You can use our contact form on the website to let us know; https://www.carcaptain.com/contact-us/

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Our “Carcaptain 2019 X~MASS Gift Voucher – Starter Pack” **
includes the following;

  1. Free Artifical Intelligence (AI) Full Theory Test study material – Can be used on almost any device connected to the internet with a browser. You do not need to buy anything else, this package has all the questions and a complete 2018 Highway Code. – (Value £23.00)
  2. How to Study your theory in the most effective way. A quick and simple video guide that will save you hours in study time – “Studying for your Theory Test for Dummies”. (Value £37.00)
  3. Free theory “Test Booking Service”. Get your theory test when you want it at the test center and time that suits your schedule. (Value £5.83)
  4. Free driving assessment (evaluation) to see how ‘test-ready’ you are. Normally 1hr or more including a full written report on what weak points need to be worked on. (Value £57.00) (In the car with one of our instructors)
  5. Common Mistakes Made on the Driving Test – The most common reasons students fail their driving tests (Report). We supply you with the remedies and ways on how not to fail.

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This Gift Voucher can be presented with any of our driving test courses for 10hrs or more and, if an evaluation lesson is not required we will contribute £30.00 pounds value towards the course plus the full resources above.

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Gift Voucher code: Your email address and this – 191225-Xmas-40137

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Our Driving Test courses include the booking of the driving test at a test center convenient to your location and at the time convenient to yourself and the instructor.

This Voucher can only be used for new courses. ie this courses not already contracted.

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