Carcaptain practical driving test cover charge explained and the terms and conditions related therewith.

The test cover charge is a multifunction charge levied as part of our administration fees. The test cover charge enables us to maintain the capacity to be able to rebook or move a test when the student has not been able to take the driving test for any reason not associated with a fault by the student.

The student is entitled to claim in terms of the test cover charge when the following conditions are satisfied;

1.) whenever Carcaptain has booked a practical driving test for one of its driving students;

2.) the test cover charge was levied as part of the administration fee;

3.) a Carcaptain appointed instructor was/is appointed (as part of a driving course) to take the student to the driving test.

The test cover charge will come into effect under the following circumstances;

  • The test cover charge is applicable if this has been levied and paid as part of the invoice submitted to the student and,
  • if the test cannot be taken, because the instructors car has broken down or has been found with a defect which prevents the test from going ahead or,
  • if for any reason, the instructor is ill, or there is a traffic hold-up, or the instructor has for any reason whatsoever been unable to take the student to the test /or,
  • the DVSA has cancelled or moved the driving test at the last minute and inadequate notice has been given for the cancellation or moving of the practical driving test by the DVSA.

Normally, with sufficient notice, Carcaptain is able to replace the instructor and or the car as circumstances may dictate. Although we make every effort for a driving course and a subsequent test to be taught and supervised by the same instructor, there are situations when this is not possible. The student accepts that the choice of instructor and car is solely at the discretion of Carcaptain.

In case of an accident during the test;

  • All costs, associated with insurance excess or minor damage to the instructors car are also covered by the test cover charge. Any and all reasonable expenses associated with the transport of the student to and from the incident involving such an accident are also covered by the test cover charge.
  • Included in the test cover charge is formal legal advice in case of an accident during the test.

If the DVSA examiner is not available or the test is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions the test cover charge can also be invoked to the following extent;

  • In these situations the instructors time is void, (the hours allocated leading up to the test and the actual hour for the test) and the student is entitled to use the time allocated for the test for tuition purposes.
  • The test cover charge entitles the student to having his test rebooked and managed under the Carcaptain system as previously effected.
  • Carcaptain will further assist the student with the administrative process of any claims which may come about through the cancellation of the practical driving test by the DVSA. This will include legal advice and the preparation of the necessary forms and documentation for the claim.

Invoking the liability as imposed by the test cover charge are limited to the situations and terms as explained and laid out herein.

Definitions of terms as used above;

  • Instructor; the DVSA qualified instructor provided for tuition and supervision by Carcaptain for the student.
  • The test; this refers to the practical driving test which has been arranged with the DVSA.
  • DVSA / DSA ; the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency (previously referred to as the DSA.)
  • The car; this refers to the car which has been made available for the test by the instructor so that the student is able to take his practical driving test.
  • Carcaptain; Carcaptain Ltd as represented by its staff.

Minor damage; this is damage to the car which falls outside the insurance cover which the instructor has cover for under his normal insurance policy.

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