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Please check your affiliate profile (if you have registered) as we have automatically registered some of our affiliate's without their full information -

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1. Are you registered as an affiliate? If not please register here;

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Please let us know what are your main considerations why you drive or have to learn to drive?

  • A brief write-up and background as to why having a driving licence is important to you. Either you will be wanting to be able to drive or already have a driving licence. What are, or what is the most important factors that did or will get you driving?

5. Finally ~ We would like a profile picture. You can simply snap a selfy and sent it to us by email to Admin[at]Carcaptain[dot]co[dot]uk or to the mobile number 075 0788 8183

That's all done then. ~  Thank You very much for your support and participation.

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