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Things in the car industry are going to be changing very fast.

The government this week announced that they are going to stop the sale of petrol and diesel-driven cars by 2035. That will include hybrid cars which currently have internal combustion engines. 1st all of the explosion of hybrid cars onto our road systems has moved from the manual gearbox to the automatic. Further, all-electric cars are manufactured with direct drive motors onto the wheels. No gearboxes or clutches. Essentially an automatic style control system.

February 21 1804 - the 1st railway line in Britain transported iron across 9 miles of track. some 60 years later in January 1863 the 1st steam locomotives ran underground from Paddington and Farringdon using gas let wooden carriages hauled by steam locomotive. It was a great success, carrying 38,000 passengers on the opening day and borrowing trains from other railways to supplement the service.

Today the London underground tube has 11 lines covering 402 km and serving 270 stations. The tube system handles up to 5 million passenger journeys a day and at peak times there are 543 trains running in the underground at any one time. And this is all ELECTRIC.

It has to be a serious consideration for anybody buying a car currently, from you, to be thinking electric. Further, anybody learning to drive needs to weigh up whether it is actually necessary to learn to drive in a manual car? Learning to drive in an automatic car is so much easier and in the long run costs substantially less money because of the simplicity of the drivetrain in the car.

Below is the government video to promote their new drive for electric cars:

Carcaptain has been following closely the change to electric cars that is taking place. here is a really good video on the latest cars available in the market.

The Tesla 3 it is, in my opinion, the 2nd best option currently but it is also rather pricey. For a family car, I am seriously considering the MG ZS as it is financially probably the best and most viable electric option as far as cars go at the moment. I have also driven many of the electric cars on the market and the MG main drawback is that it is a Chinese product. However, financially it makes sense.

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