Times Have Changed!


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Setting up and Painting a mini-roundabout under the protection fo a white coat only?

Found this photograph about the setting up of the first mini roundabout in the United Kingdom. It's just amazing how times have changed.

If you note in the photograph the cars are using the junction while some really brave guys in white coats are wandering around in the centre of the road painting and going about the business of setting up the mini-roundabout. One of two things have happened since 1968 when this roundabout was installed.

Mini Roundabout being Installed

Mini-Roundabout being installed with no safety cones and normal traffic going around the workers while they are busy on the road surface. How times have changed?

No safety cones or barriers as the people go about their business in the junction.

Either health and safety was almost non-existant or the drivers in 1968 were a lot better than they are today. People definitely trusted each other a lot more than they do today. Maybe just maybe white coats were really good protection in 1968?

Check out the website where there are more photographs of the record of this very first mini-roundabout being installed: https://www.benfleethistory.org.uk/content/browse-articles/streets-and-roads/the-worlds-first-mini-roundabout-was-installed-in-benfleet

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