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Everything you need to know about learning to drive and passing your test – all in one place!

Here you will find the information you need in order to get your driving licence! Join our mailing list, access to free theory test material and top quality learning to drive videos including driving test tips. From applying for your learner’s licence to booking your driving test and choosing the right school for you!

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First things first, In order to get a licence to drive, you need to be the minimum age of 17 years old.

What is a Provisional Licence?:

A provisional licence is basically your ‘learner’s’ licence which learner drivers can use on the road, with the supervision of an experienced licence holder, over the age of 21 – who has had their licence for at least 3 years. It is extremely important that you have the appropriate learners driver insurance for the car that you use to practice in.

You will need to display L-plates on the front and back of the car you are driving at all times, to indicate to other road users that you – the student are in control of the car.

How to Apply for a Provisional Licence:

One way to apply for your provisional licence, is online, via the DSA website.You basically fill in all your details and print off the form, ready to be posted to the DSA. Please CLICK HERE to apply online for your provisional licence.

Another way to apply for your provisional licence is to go to any local Post Office branch and complete the D1 application form, then post it to the DVLA. You can apply for your provisional up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.

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You don’t have to go through a driving school in order to learn to drive,as long as you have your provisional licence and follow the rules:
    • You have to drive under supervision of a licence holder at least 21 year sold who has had their licence for 3 years or more.
    • L-plates must be displayed front and back of the vehicle at all times.
    • You will require Learner Driver Car Insurance Click Here for our recommendation
    • The Car must be registered with the DVLA, have a valid Tax Disc and MOT certificate. (MOT certificate only required if vehicle is 3 years old or more
    • Then make use of our interactive video tutorial website with step by step videos covering all areas of driving to ensure you are well prepared for your driving test. Click Here

Driving School

When selecting a Driving School, firstly ensure they are DVLA registered.

There are many driving schools out there offering driving lessons, intensive driving courses, guaranteed PASS Courses and more – you have to see which suits you and your lifestyle best – some schools are more flexible than others.
Click on the links below for our:
Make use of our interactive video tutorial website with step by step videos covering all areas of driving to ensure you are well prepared for your driving test. Click Here

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Your theory test comes before your practical test and can be taken anytime after you receive your provisional licence – this test is to ensure you are confident with road signs (the Highway Code), and tests your hazard perception (Your ability to react correctly in an ever changing environment). It includes a multiple-choice test and the hazard perception.

How to book your theory test:

In order to book your theory test, you need to have your provisional licence.
Option 1 – Instant hassle free theory test booking
service at CarCaptain, we do it for you – Click Here
Option 2– You can do it yourself online by following the click here:

Theory Test Cost:

The normal UK Theory test fee is £31.00 – you can confirm this through the DSA by Clicking Here

Theory Test Material:

For Free Tips and study material – Click Here
Practice Your Theory Test Free – Click Here
You can also purchase DVLA approved Theory Test material online or in many supermarket stores nationwide.

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Your practical test can be booked after passing your Theory test. It will start off with a quick eye test and a few questions to ensure you are road safe. The test will last approximately 40 minutes in total.

What should I take with to my test?

It is imperative you take the following with you for your practical test as you may not be able to take the test otherwise and do not be late!:
      • Insured and licensed vehicle with L plates (Driving Schools or Personal)
      • Extra driving mirror for the examiner
      • Theory test certificate
      • Copy of the appointment or email confirmation for the test date
      • Provisional driving licence, it is mandatory that you have both parts of your provisional driving licence, the plastic photocard part and the matching paper counterpart.

What can I expect on my test?

After the quick eye test and the show me tell me questions – you will commence the driving test and follow the lead of the test examiner in the car. He will give you ample warning of what he wants you to do next whether it be a left turn, which exit to take on a roundabout or to complete a maneuver. You will be required to complete at least two of the maneuvers your have learned, and the rest will be checked on your overall driving ability. Once the test is over, the examiner will tell you immediately whether you have passed or not and go through his marks with you.
If you have passed you can decide to send off for your licence straight away, where the examiner will scan and send the information to the DVLA to get your full driving licence processed and sent to you by post.

Important Tips for your driving test:

      • Keep calm
      • Treat it like a ‘very important’ driving lesson
      • Drive with confidence and don’t give up if you feel you have made a mistake
      • Trust your instinct and ability