The GUARANTEED way to ensure you PASS your driving test!
Flexible, affordable and one of the quickest ways to pass your driving test!

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Why a Guaranteed PASS Course?

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[toggle_content title=”What is a Guaranteed Pass Course?”]The Guaranteed Pass intensive driving course is a fast-track way to complete your lessons and do your test, usually within only 10-14 days of registering with us! It is a bespoke service, which we think is the ultimate way to do a course and pass your test!

It is overall the cheapest solution for anyone that is learning to drive and wants to pass, as the lessons are block booked into your schedule, therefore more cost effective then a lot of lessons spread over a long period of time.

Our dedicated instructors and helpful team will be there every step of the way!

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Effectively with the Guaranteed PASS Course, you will continue with lessons, free of charge until you pass – even if you fail, the only extra fee will be the DSA  test fee for every new booking, other than that the lessons as part of the course are all inclusive to get you to that pass!

It is very rare however that a student doesn’t pass the first test on their  Guaranteed pass course, if however it does happen, our test booking team will find you a test within 10-14 days of failing at no extra cost (apart from DSA fee)!

It’s all in the name, the GUARANTEED PASS course! – we think one of the BEST ways to pass your driving test!

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From start to finish the Guaranteed PASS Course process is very straight forward:

Step 1: You contact us and give us your details.

Step 2:We arrange an evaluation lesson, whereby we can evaluate
our level of driving skills and how many lessons you would require before you will be ready
to take your test.

Step 3: We offer you the Guaranteed PASS Course based on the evaluation
lesson results, and you can decide if you wish to go ahead or not. It will all clearly be stated in a

Step 4: Once the course is accepted, we will begin with the lessons fitted into
your schedule with one of our instructors, working up until test day.

Step 5: You PASS your test! (most of the time students pass, but if you don’t, don’t
worry, you are Guaranteed to pass with this course even if it isn’t first time!)


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More about our popular Guaranteed PASS Course:

What is the quick and easy way to pass your driving test? With your Guaranteed PASS intensive driving course, all you need is your UK provisional license and theory test pass certificate, then you call one of our friendly staff to arrange a quick evaluation lesson! We believe the Guaranteed PASS Course is one of the most effective ways to pass your driving test! We Guarantee to find you a test for your course and that you will be pleased with our ability to customize the course around your schedule, ensuring best tuition and use of time to get you your licence!

This intensive driving course is a bespoke service to get your driving license fast-track! It is our premium course and overall the cheapest way for anyone that is learning to drive.

What more could you want out of an intensive course, which is not only cost effective from start to finish but has a dedicated focus on our students passing in the shortest amount of time.

Evaluation for your Course:

You may have experience or none at all, everyone’s driving abilities vary, therefore we take you on an evluation lesson to determine your current ability and your learning speed. After the evaluation lesson, we will ‘offer’ you a Guaranteed PASS driving course, with the proposed amount of hours we believe you will need to do in order to pass effectively. It will be in the form of a detailed contract which includes all the info you will need and the role of CarCaptain in your course.

Our aim is to get your through your course at lightening speed, to get you passed and road ready! We can guarantee a driving test date within 10 to 14 days of first contact with us! Our instructors are constandtly working with intensive driving course students and know the whole process and best way to get them ready for their test. Many students have passed the Guaranteed PASS Course within only one week of starting!!

Sign up:

To find out more about the Guaranteed PASS Course with CarCaptain, please call us on 0800 8600 186 and discuss with our team the what, how and when. We will then be able to take you through the steps to making the arrangements for your course, with the goal of passing your test!

You can also fill in this online form here, and our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible!




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