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Administrative ~ Bookkeeper ~ Work from home.

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The work is basically administrator support and keeping accurate records, preparing the books for the auditors, liaising and calculating what is due to the driving instructors.

Main points of consideration;

  • All our systems are internet based.
  • We have remote workers in Africa, Brazil, and in the UK.
  • All training is done over the internet.
  • Proficiency in English is critical. Both spoken and written ability.
  • A good command of computer systems is required.
  • Carcaptain does all its own training.
  • You do not need to ever come to the office, your place of work is where you have setup your computer. Travel time to and from your office will thus be seconds only.
More detail regarding this work;
• Record keeping of Sales and Purchase ledger, these would include only:
Processing sales invoices. Checking and managing sales invoices.
Processing purchase invoices, supplier payment preparation (not making the physical payments) and remittances
• Bank reconciliations for the 10 bank accounts currently held
• Quarterly VAT return preparation and submission to HMRC
• Prepare contractor payments due (but not make the payments)
• Prepare a weekly profit and loss statement to be submitted weekly every Monday detailing the profit and loss of the previous calendar week (Saturday to Friday)
• Submit monthly consolidated management accounts not more than 7 Calendar days after the close of the month.
Our systems are setup so that the work can be done from the comfort of your home, provided you have a good internet connection and the required computer. Working hours can be flexible but must be scheduled and disciplined.

Critical Requirements;

  • Primarily you should have excellent and stable Internet connection. The job entails voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) which does not work if you do not have sufficient bandwidth. If you can Skype without any problems then your Internet connection should be sufficient.
  • Have a good desktop, preferably with 2 screens.
  • Proper headset, webcam and a computer system should have good sound quality.
  • Have an area that is isolated and can be used for an office, you need to be isolated when you are working, no noisy backgrounds.
  • Have some background on Sage and Xero accounting systems would be beneficial.
Administrative Accounting and Bookkeeping
We are looking for a remote working administrator or bookkeeper.
The bulk of the work is computer-based and a good command of the English language is of the utmost importance. You should also be proficient in the use of Microsoft-based programs and software.
We run a completely paperless office and all the work including the phone system is on screen in front of the incumbent.
The ideal candidate will have a very strong understanding of computers and be able to learn and pick-up how advanced database systems work. The work entails keeping databases up to date with client information and working on a new system that has just recently been launched by Direct Gov.
You need to be proficient in the English language and be able to write proper email messages and text messages to our clients.
You need to enjoy talking on the phone with the clients and not shirk from answering client calls.
Attention to detail and accurate record keeping is very important.
All the posts require a degree of client sales and support. Some of the posts are more administrative than the others. You are welcome to let us know in your application which of the posts you would be interested in.

You will be learning new systems and the job may entail an apprenticeship period in the beginning depending on skill levels and ability.

Apart from earning a very good basic salary we also run a sophisticated bonus structure to reward individuals on a personal basis for theirs sales and work input.
Normal weekly working hours including some Saturdays.
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If you need clarification, call Chris, on 020 7099 1232. We will only be accepting applications which have been filled in on our online form, as above.
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