(Q) What if my car is already insured with another company?

(A) If the Learner Driver doesn’t own the vehicle then there must be another insurance policy on the car as the learner policy will only cover them when they are driving. The vehicle owner’s policy and their no claims bonus will not be affected.

If the learner driver owns the vehicle then there cannot be any other insurance policies on the car as the learner policy covers the learner driver and the car when not in use.

(Q) Can I get cover for my son/daughter on Granddad’s car?

(A) Yes! You can insure most vehicles. An Independent (Stand Alone) Learner Drivers Policy may be taken out for the parents, grandparents, friends or relative’s car without any risk to their existing insurance policy. Just take out a policy for each vehicle, for your son/daughter, when you need it.

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(Q) Can I take out the policy only for a short period of time?

(A) The Short Term Learner Driver Policies are flexible, additional policies can be bought as and when required. The term is normally measured in a number of weeks at a time. One week is the shortest term subject to an initial minimum policy of 4 weeks.

(Q) What happens if I need to extend the policy for another week?

(A) You can buy an additional policy from 1 week to 24 weeks simply by contacting the insurance intermediary.

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(Q) If my son/daughter has an accident will it affect my insurance?

(A) In the case of an accident any claim would be made against the Learner Driver Insurance Policy and so there is no risk to the original insurance policy held on the vehicle.

(Q) Can I take out Learner driver policies for different vehicles?

(A) Yes, you can take out policies for different vehicles simultaneously and/or sequentially. The Independent Learner Drivers policy is very flexible in this way.

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(Q) How do I get discounted premiums on my policy?

(A ) Register through our site or use the referral code 321358. By using the links on our page to register with the insurance intermediary (online) you will be eligible for discounts on second and subsequent policies. The referral code is passed through to the intermediary when you click to register.

(Q) Can a learner driver drive a fully comprehensive parent’s car?

(A) Yes if the provisional licence holder (learner driver) is added to the policy as a named driver. Alternatively you can purchase a standalone Learner Driver policy to cover the provisional licence holder to drive a parent’s car (as specified on the policy).

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(Q) Can a learner driver drive without insurance?

(A) No, if a provisional license holder is caught by the police driving without insurance he faces the possibility of being banned. Similarly if a recently licensed person is caught driving a car without adequate insurance cover he can loose his license and faces the possibility of being banned.

(Q) Can I insure a car without a licence?

(A) No you cannot insure a car with a learner driver policy without a provisional licence.

(Q) Can you get weekly provisional insurance?

(A) “Yes, you can get a short term Provisional Licence holder policy. Additional policies can be purchased for 1 to 24 weeks subject to an initial minimum policy of 4 weeks.”

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