No Telephone Robots - Speak to a Person

At Carcaptain if you call during normal working hours you will not be speaking to any telephone robots. We have made it our mission to speak to you personally and direct you to the appropriate client manager or department that can deal with your query.

Most Importantly, once you have set up your course with your client manager you will have your client manager's personal business mobile number to text them, WhatsApp them or call them directly with any queries or assistance you may require.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get any help from the company you are trying to work with. It is our objective that we will do whatever it takes to help you get your driving licence.

Carcaptain has taken on many tasks in the driving tuition field which have not been possible by other driving schools. For instance, at one stage we were approached by a tall and large person who needed their driving licence, we took him around sizing different cars until we found a car that he would be able to drive. Then we rented the car and taught him to drive in the car which fitted him.

In another instance, we were approached by somebody who had absolutely no hearing whatsoever. We developed a series of hand signals for the course, cleared this with the DVSA so they could do the driving test, and our students passed their driving test on the second attempt.

Our unique and skilled client managers (intensive driving course consultants) are always ready to speak to you and help you solve any problems that are driving-related. Amongst these client managers, there are also some very skilled cooks and they have amazing recipes to share.

Carcaptain believes that the driving course experience should be quick simple and easy and the effectiveness, in time and cost should be circumstantially optimised for the individual concerned.

Once your unique appointed client manager has detailed your requirements they will arrange your course and always be available to assist you for the most effective successful outcome.