Our Services

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Carcaptain offers you everything from standard driving lessons to residential and intensive driving courses; you can even book your test through our quick and easy driving test booking service.

We also offer you a personal, unique driving experience, we are confident that driving lessons with us will be both an enjoyable and effective experience, as our driving instructors are among the finest and most professional across the UK.

We only use fully qualified driving instructors (ADI's) that are registered with the DSA.

We know everyone has their own individual needs and requirements, which is why we take careful consideration of your own unique individual needs to provide you with a course and instructor to suit your availability and requirements.

We also offer a wide variety of courses and individual packages to suit your needs. We believe this is why we are amongst the most recommended driving instruction companies in the UK. View our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us.

So here is a better look at each of our services!

Intensive Driving Course


What exactly does an Intensive Driving Course refer to?

Well, you would be doing back to back lessons as consecutively as possible based on both yours as well as the instructor's availability, doing anything from 2 to 6 hours of lessons at a time. Again this is subject to yours and the instructor's availability.

In addition to having your lessons so closely knitted together, we will also make sure that you have a practical test booked for straight out of your lessons...how would e do that you ask? We have special access to the DSA's dropped out tests, around the clock! So a test will be booked in advance for you to work toward. Not only does that mean more focus and determination but it also ensures minimized knowledge bleed. So by the time you take your test, everything will still be fresh in your memory!

So what if you still need to take your theory test? No problem! We have the same special access to theory tests as we do to the practical tests. Yes! you can start your driving lessons without your theory certificate, but preferably we'd book your theory for some time at the start of your course to optimize out time to book the practical test since we'd need your theory certificate number in order to book your practical test.

Now it's just a matter of getting you an instructor.

We'd check your area and allocate the best suitable instructor based on location, test center, the transmission of the car and even personal preference. No assessment needed either.

You simply will not find a more bespoke and effective course elsewhere!

Guaranteed Pass Course

Guaranteed Pass Course

For the Guaranteed Pass Course, you would be required to complete an assessment lesson before getting started with your course.

An assessment lesson lasts for 2 hours and the instructor then reports back to the office with an assessment report to determine the number of hours to be done. The number of hours recommended will be determined by skill level from previous driving experience (which will be taken into consideration as well).

If you accept the instructor's recommendation you would receive a contract that would entitle you to have up to between 5 and 7 attempts to gain your license, that's right! That's between 5 to 7 practical tests FREE of charge! And to give you even more, you will receive a LIMITLESS amount of lesson worth for each test, whatever it would take to help you pass!

This course is recommended for people who have attempted their practical a few times but keep failing due to silly reasons.

If you are a complete beginner or never taken a test before, we recommend getting started with the normal intensive course, you can always switch your course if you or your instructor deem it necessary.

Fast-track Testbooking

Theory & Practical tests

Our Test booking service is fast.

Whether you need a short notice test, or you are doing a course with us, Carcaptain is your best shot at a test being booked in advance & for much sooner than you would be able to book a test publically.

We have test bookers who literally monitor for dropped out tests around the clock to grab a test that would be suitable for one of our clients.

You can't go wrong!

This fast-track booking service goes for the practical test, as well as the theory test or even both!

Theory Tuition

One-to-one Theory Tuition

We offer theory tuition remotely.

In other words, you will then have your theory tuition from the comfort of your own home. We make use of either Skype or Team Viewer, you will be registered on Theory Test Pro where you will complete some Mock tests online in preparation for your 1 on one live session. Your results will then be used to help you focus on potential problem areas.

You will also be sent additional links to help you revise for your theory test.

Theory Tests just got a whole lot easier!