Review of the 2019 Renault Zoe

While attending the 2019 Driving Instructor Show in Kent (19 May 2019) this year I came across the Zoe Renault Zoe that was being offered for a 1 week test drive. The Zoe is Renaults all singing and dancing Electric car that they are pedalling and enticing us with.

Knowing that going green is high on the priority level of governments and the global population is not the only reason that I am tempted to give this new technology my support but thinking that as a driving instructor I can be spared the consistent daily smoke and pollution sucking we have to do is a great incentive. Imagine if all the vehicles on the road were electric or burning hydrogen or fuel celling water only how much better our lives would be on the roads daily.

All us road specialists ploughing the roads for a living should be doing everything possible to move into this all pollution-free environment. I know the carbon balancing experts out there would be quick to point out that when you have balanced the manufacturing carbon cost you would not be much better off. Well, they don't have to suck the air on our roads every day as they sit in their airconditioned offices slating our meagre attempts at moving forward.

I eagerly signed up for this 1 week test drive. What I really wanted was a car with dual controls so I could do some driving lessons to feel the cabin adequacy as a classroom. No such luck though.